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A Questionnaire for your Photographer

Does your photographer know the answers to these questions?


1. If you want to make a person look slender in a photograph, you use ____________ lighting.

2. If you want to make a person look bigger in a photograph, you use ___________ lighting.

3. What law of physics do you use to make sure the backgrounds don't go black?

4. When doing a formal pose, what foot do you have the client put all the weight on?

5. When posing a man, what shoulder do you turn the face for a muscular pose?

6. When posing a woman, what shoulder do you turn the face for a feminine pose?

7. The light that establishes the basic exposure to the scene is the ______________________.

8. The light that establishes where the eye goes in the scene is the ______________________.

9. What are the 3 main angles of the face?

10. What is the most flattering angle of the face?

11. Following what your meter said gives you what exposure on the gray scale?

12. What are 3 ways to make a bride look more slender?


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