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Wedding Photographer Facts

99% of all wedding photographers' careers end in 2-5 years.
They do not have time to learn their craft before enough very angry brides basically drive them out of business. There really are not intern programs to nurture them. They get tired of giving up all their Saturdays to earn a meager living at best.

Less than 1% of all photographers become Master Photographers.
It takes at least 20 years to earn this prestigious degree from the PPA. If you hire a Master Photographer, it is guaranteed you will be thrilled with the results.

Hiring the most experienced wedding photographer around is by far wisest thing you can do.
It takes at least 20-30 years to perfect this craft. Every dollar you invest in your wedding is in the care of your photographer. We have no problem hiring the best doctor for major surgery, the best attorney if our very freedom was on the line or the best pilot to get us there safely. Why wouldn't we do that for the most expensive day of our lives? Would you hand your car keys to a 10 year old with as much confidence as a 40 year old? Same thing!

Hiring the most experienced photographer can actually pay for itself.
Seasoned photographers can point out areas that are costing you big money at a wedding and save you that money. We have a report that will save you around $7,000 on your whole wedding so whatever we charge will cost you nothing and save you thousands more on everything else.

Working with a photographer out of big company is not wise.
There may be some slick looking outfits out there that have great brochures, marketing and sales people but they subcontract to “rookies” that are just learning their trade. Most will admit right in their literature the “2-5 year experience” their “photographers” have. Their presentation is great and their product is just a lot of snap shots. Many send their people out the door with the camera on auto and tell them to “just take a lot of pictures.”

Hiring a photographer because they send 2 or more photographers, give you an amazing amount of hours or claim to give you a low price or a lot of pictures is a warning flag.

They are turning wedding photography into a commodity when it should only be an art. They are selling wedding photography by the pound. It takes one of these photographers hundreds of pictures to say what a Master photographer can say in one picture. There is a lot of “fluff” in what you are getting that is unnecessary in order to cover up what you are not getting....artistic quality.
Our images look like movie posters…not snap shots.

Hiring a friend, relative or someone just getting started is a major mistake and should be avoided at all costs.
Not only are you not getting images, ambience, entertaining personality (for smiles and nerves) or service at are losing your ability to remember the most important day of your life. You are also about to destroy a relationship when bad feelings arise after you experience the lack of professionalism and see the horrible pictures.

The new high tech expensive cameras are NOT all you need to photograph a wedding.
If you bought the best pen in the world would it make you the best author in the world? If you bought the best cooking utensils in the world would it make you the best chef in the world? Hardly. There are so many skill sets involved in shooting the best wedding. A wedding involves complicated lighting, posing, time and logistics management, people skills and intuition just to name a few. This is one of the most complicated jobs on Earth!

Trying to get the most rock bottom price will lead to disaster and spending a lot of money will NOT guarantee quality.
Wedding photography is the wild West. There is no regulation or set standard. There are those that will charge a fortune that have no idea what they are doing and there are those looking for a quick buck in a part time job that are happy to make $10 an hour while they play with their new camera. Look at the long term reputation of the actual photographer you are going to get!

Wedding photography is not expensive.
If you invest $2,000 in a great Master photographer it is costing you 12 cents a day over 50 years. If your parents got married in 1980 that price would be $250 since the cost of living doubles every 10 years.
If you look at what you are getting from a Master from a quality standpoint in today's money it is a steal. Ask your parents if they would want an collection of images like what you are going to get for the price of $250. Look at their stiff and uncreative pictures they paid $250 for and see the value you are getting today!

Shop till you drop is not always the best policy.
In most things in life extensive shopping makes sense. We all want the best product and price for our hard earned money. A high level wedding photographer is an extremely rare bird in today's world. There are not a dozen of them on the shelf. Many potential clients regret shopping so extensively that their Master photographer has been booked and no longer available. It has been tried many times to clone a Master. Like a fine wine or a Stradivarius violin it takes decades to refine and perfect the skills of a Master photographer.

Hiring a photographer from the pretty pictures on the internet is not a good idea.
If you look carefully you will notice that most of the impressive images on the internet are taken outdoors on the perfect day in the perfect light. That is because most photographers do not know how to light.
Their images look incredible but you could have taken the same picture in those conditions. Are you willing to trust the weather in Minnesota on your wedding day to get those kind of pictures? With other photographers you will not see shots indoors, in bad lighting, in tough conditions and in inclement weather. Meet the actual photographer and look at a variety of work in all kinds of locations and conditions. It may be hard to believe but photographers
are also stealing images off of other sights and using them as their own work on line! Do not trust what you see on the internet!

This is one of biggest decisions of your life.
Of all the things you will ever own, your wedding images, if done properly, will be your greatest treasure. A Master photographer will capture family and friends in amazing ways. This time capsule of the greatest day of your life will be your family heirloom and bring you and your family endless joy forever.

Other wedding photographers do not post their booked date calendar on line.
Most photographers may tell you that they are full time but this is really a part time job for them. Many do 5-10 weddings a year. Minnesotans are very shrewd and smart shoppers and only hire the best. In this small community where word gets around, we have been in business for decades and Steve has personally done over 2,000 weddings. You would be hard pressed to find a photographer that has done 50-100. Minnesotans have voted with their hard earned dollars for many, many years to hire Steve because of his level of expertise, artistry and fun personality. We proudly show our booked dates calendar because we are excited about how totally booked we are year in and year out!

Photographers do not offer “random date referrals.”
Due to the many complaints wedding photographers get from their clients they would never want you to have access to their client list to speak with or email past clients.
We LOVE having you do that. Our clients are thrilled with what we do. YOU pick the date and we will let you connect with that past client. What better way to know about the photographer?

Photographers have very few reviews on line
Two reasons. They do not do many jobs. They do not thrill many clients. Look at our reviews. On one site alone we have nearly 200 reviews where clients rave about our images and service!

Photographers have very little name recognition.
Most photographers have not been around that long and will not be around for long. Our name and images are everywhere. You will see us in most locally owned bridal shops and we have been on their walls for over 30 years.
Mention our name and ears will pick up. People you know have probably worked with us and will definitely recommend us to you!

Photographers do not bring a monitor to the wedding.
Probably because they do not want anyone to see their work at the time it is taken. There would be a lot of unhappiness at a wedding….that is for sure! We are the only place in town that takes a monitor so you can see the images right away and have a say in how they are done. It is so fun to see everyone see themselves for the first time ever in a more beautiful light then they have ever seen! It is such a positive addition to the day!

There are many more insights we would love to offer you. If you come in for a chat it will be a life changing experience. We have been perfecting high quality wedding photography at affordable prices for a generation. We would love to learn the dream of your day and help you on your journey to the perfect wedding. We may not be the photographer for you but we can definitely help you on your journey.
Thanks for reading! ~Steve

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