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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer any discounts for the quieter wedding month of January?

Discounts are reflected on our price list.

2. What do you mean by "photography as an investment?"

Photography is the least expensive investment on Earth. It's about 6-20 cents a day to own wedding photography.

3. Can you provide the contract in which you operate under? Does it address satisfaction?

Our contract is a standard wedding contract. We are happy to show it to you. We have nearly 100% satisfaction with our clients. It has taken us 2,000 weddings to learn how to operate with such an amazing client satisfaction rate.

4. Can you speak to how you manage the proofs and the copyrights to the pictures?

Most packages include proofs and DVDs. Others are so incredibly low priced they may not contain those things, but are a steal.

5. What is your payment structure/procedure?

We accept credit cards with no additional fees.

6. Will there be tax added? If so, how much is it?

Tax is 7.25%.

7. Do you use digital, film, or both?

We use digital and the files can make a 30x40 inch print. They are big!

8. Do you offer black and white or partial color?

We do offer black and white, sepia, and hand coloring.

9. On average, how many pictures do you take at a wedding?

We take 300-600 images at a wedding.

10. Are you the actual photographer who will be at the wedding?

I am the actual photographer. I also have a partner, Joel, who does some weddings.

11. Why did you choose wedding photography?

I chose wedding photography because it contains portraiture, photojournalism, commercial, architectural, and fine art; all in one adventure. It is THE hardest and challenging job on Earth and I love to far exceed what people typically get in wedding images.

12. Do you bring back-up or multiple pieces of equipment?

I bring 4 cameras, 8 lights, and a ton of back-up. About 30k worth of equipment.

13. What's your preferred style of photography?

I do all styles at a wedding. The medium begs for every interpretation an artist can provide. Just doing one is like playing limited keys on a piano.

14. Do you shoot in color or in black and white?

I shoot in color and black and white.

15. Who is your favorite photographer?

Ansel Adams (I studied under him), Robert Frank, Ralph Gibson, Jay Maisel, Jay Stock, David Ziser, and the list is endless. I study constantly.

16. Have you ever been published?

I have been published all over the world. I teach other photographers in my writings. I just published 3 fine art books and got accepted into the KAREN Gallery on 10th and Nicollet in Minneapolis, where my photography was shown for a time.

17. Is this your most recent work that I am seeing on your website?

This is recent work on my site. We regularly update the images.

18. What kind of input can we have on the direction of the shots?

You have total input with my work. I have two totally special techniques I have invented for that. I think that NO OTHER photographer has these. You simply must hear what they are.

19. Can other people take photos while you are taking photos?

People can shoot, but I want to talk to you about a win-win concept with that.

20. Have you handled large events before?

I have handled shots of 100 people at an altar and 50 people in the bridal party. I just shot hundreds of people… the largest shot in the history of man, and would love to show it to you.

There are 6 crucial things you will need to ask any photographer. Please contact me about those questions. They will help you with all vendors. We really need to meet. You won't believe what I can show you whether you book me or not.


**We do not travel to weddings outside these area codes: 612, 651, 763 or 952 - with the exception being Hudson, WI. There is an additional fee for travel to western Wisconsin.

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