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Alison, I can not thank you enough for your help with all you have done for my studio. It is the ONE year anniversary of the blog. I just looked at the whole thing. You have done an amazing job! It really is great to see the faces of my clients for a year. It makes me feel like I am living the purpose driven life. I thank you, God and my staff for helping us all help the world remember, reflect, celebrate, mourn, laugh and cry. Our minds are miracles but minds forget so much. With this tool of photography we are bringing the ultimate gift to those wise enough to know they can not use their minds or their cell phone cameras to precisely cherish what is most important to them.

Thanks, Alison and Jay, from the bottom of my heart!


Did the Saxon wedding today at Embassy airport. I must say its always a great feeling at Embassy. You really feel like you are on vacation there. Its paradise for a photographer and a couple. I LOVE this couple. So real and full of emotion. They played Motown in the 60's music. I started my first band called "Bad habits" in 1965 at age 13. We played almost all Motown. "Come On Up", "Knock On Wood" and "Midnight Hour" were some of our songs. They played Motown at the reception and it brought back memories.

Worked with an adorable family. I did mom and dad's wedding in 2001.
Their daughters are both model material. They were so cooperative for their age.
We had a ball and it was a perfect day outside.

Worked with a very nice couple. They were on time and totally into working together to get a great collection of images. Everyone was impressed with what we created as a group. We got great weather too!

Worked with the most fun family today. One son is a world class traveler, graphic designer and guitarist. The other son is literally a genius. We laughed for 3 hours and had a ball. Even baby Bella the dog dug it.

Had the sweetest time photographing Matt. He and his family are like family. I have a great time photographing him every year since he was born. Now its his senior portraits! I am so thrilled. I can not wait to do his sister Megan's in two years!



Worked with a delightful couple that oozed joy. I really loved working with them. They are so warm and wonderful!

7/14 - 16/13
On Friday worked with an interesting couple, Both professionals. Interesting conversations. Did a Van Gogh of them.



On Tues got a chance to work with a great family. The grandson stole the show. He was so cooperative and nice.

Worked with a great couple today at a place called Elegance for their wedding. Very laid back and nice. I really enjoyed working with them.

I always take a week off around the 4th because I know I am going to work like crazy till Christmas. Had several shoots. Some folks do not want to post images.

Had a great time with a client that has used me time and again for 20+ years. It was so good to see them again! I just love these folks. They are so sweet to me!

Being a photographer is a very stressful and lonely job. You are always an outsider.
It is like being a performer where the audience does not see what you have done till you are gone so if they clap you do not hear them. Thank you notes and nice comments come months later. It is a zero tolerance job. You can never fail. Expectations are huge. Stakes are high.

How have I managed thru 2,000 weddings and 6,000 portraits? Great thanks to those who love me but my biggest supporter and most avid source of comfort came from
Smokey Calhoun Hoyt Rouch. He came into my life on 12/7/97. Today sadly he died
after a battle with old age at almost 17. I have no idea yet all the ways I am going to miss him. He was the most mellow, loving and unique creature I have ever met. I would come thru the door exhausted after a long wedding and he would invite me to lay down and we would cuddle and talk and play. There was magic in his eyes. He even had eye lashes! He had the cutest paws. He was gorgeous and adorable.

I have to send huge gratitude to God. He gave me the most wonderful friend I have ever had. I have never cried so much in my life as these last 30 days as he wasted away
and got the point of not even being able to walk. We tried the vet, special food and lots of other things. We all die and it was his time.

I am grateful for the skill of being a photographer. I took so many pictures along the way. I took even more of late. These images will bring comfort for years to come and remind me of things I thought my mind could remember but could not.

I really do not do the work I do for money. Money comes and goes. I do this because we all suffer loss of those most dear in this world. It brings me great joy to create something that tells the story well and shows sides of the person never seen before. The comfort it provides is beyond description. I love creating the most cherished memories and possessions clients will ever own.

Farewell dear Smokey. You are the love of my life. Prayers to you and for you as you cross that rainbow bridge to God.





Did a very exciting wedding in St Paul. Got this shot in Irving Park. It is my favorite park in town. I am enjoying the Summer now that it is here and the soft light is a bonus for great images.


Worked with a wonderful couple at Como. The weather was great and the joy I felt from them was breath taking. They are so nice to me. Their son has the most beautiful eyes and face!

Met with a caring and interesting medical professional today. I was fascinated with her!
We had a great talk and I learned a lot from her. I know her images are really going to show the great person she is!

I had the honor of photographing James Fritz the III today. He is the son of Jim and Angie Fritz. They have been dear friends forever. I photographed Jim when he was just a little guy 30 years ago. My how time flies. James the III was only a week old. He is such a big boy! We had so much fun! It was so cosmic to photograph another generation today. This all started when I met Jim Jrs. parents when I walked into the Wedding Shoppe in 1980 before they even had kids. Now they are grandparents.
I am so lucky to have such dear friends! They are like family and more to me.


Worked with the cutest little girl in the world today. She just posed up a storm. Amazing at age 2! I thought she was at least 3 or 4. Her dad had trained her to be great in pictures. Mom bought classic dresses. This was the dream shoot of a lifetime for me!


The cloudy light of these days has been warmed up with my camera and bathes the faces of my beloved clients.

Worked with Anca and Ronald for their engagement. They are getting married next Friday. I delight in them with each visit. They are from Europe and have a deep appreciation of art. We worked as a team to come up with amazing images.

Also did the engagement of Jesse and Ashley. What fun! Joyous and playful images.
He is a Marine and brought his two uniforms. We had a blast. They brought their moms and that was fun too. They were so happy with what we created!


6/14 and 6/15/13
Engagement sessions, kids, families and more kids. Lots of work but lots of fun!



I have worked with Julian and Nikko before. They are a riot. Their folks are so cool. They realize how its cool to just let the boys be boys. Soon these young men will be stoic. Lets let the boy in them run wild now. This is a super honor to work with them again. I got tons of great shots. So fun!

The dog was great too. His name is Bookie!




Met with Jim and Jesse to plan their album. I love them like family. We came up with some really great ideas. They were surprised and delighted with their video of the wedding. Most folks completely forget we are doing one and can not believe the HD once they see it. It really is like watching a documentary on TV.


Worked with a great senior for his portraits and his family and dog Marco came too.
Oh did we have fun! I did not want them to leave! Mom poked her head back in the door after leaving and said the kids had more fun! These folks were all gorgeous!
Loved working with them!


Did Christian and Jenny's wedding today. It was a 6 location 9+ hour coverage that had us in several counties. Got amazing images. Extremely fun crowd.

Here is their first glance in a park in Plymouth.


Paid bills yesterday. In full and on time. That is how we do it here. It takes a day to pay them. There is a lot to running a photography studio in St Paul these days.

Worked with Jennifer and Matthew for their engagement. They brought some really cool
figurines and dice to photograph since this is their hobby. We had fun. Great couple.

Then got a chance to work with Michael and Ashley for their engagement session. I love the fact we do 3 hour sessions. Michael was really into war history and brought a Russian rifle from WW2 and a uniform. Had fun with that. Their pooch Dexter stole the show. Cute dog we got in some shots. Thanks to mom for being the dog wrangler.

I feel so good about my wonderful clients. They make my world complete and it feels so
good to make them happy with what I create!

Did a wedding with Rachel and Adam. Great couple. Went to Loring Park, Sculpture Garden. Wedding was at the Millenium. I love that place. The only Geodesic dome in town.

Thanks to Bucky Fuller for that design. It always feels so good in a dome!

Worked with Michael and Janelle for their engagement session. Mom came too and got great shots of her. We dodged the rain and got great indoor and outdoor images.

Now we are all so excited for the wedding!

Did a lady's glamour session today. Her wedding is coming up and this is going to be a great gift for her fiance. Lots of ladies want to do this and of course the question of propriety
comes up. Our sessions had our clients fully clothed and usually two friends come with.

It is a great way to celebrate the prime of a woman's life and give her guy the dream gift of a life time. Also remember Rose from Titanic. Her drawing ultimately became a gift to herself in later years. Boudoir and glamour done well is hard to find and something worth doing!

Really looking forward to photographing her wedding!

Did Jim and Jessie's wedding. It is so fun when a couple your thing Steve!
I get a lot more done and more creative. I love honoring ideas but I love to honor serendipity.
This great couple let me go wild and I loved working for them.

Here is a shot at Embassy West. The whole congregation from the 8th floor.
Embassy was great. Love the place and their food is amazing.



Worked with Jennifer and Dan for their engagement session. They LOVE old St Paul so we went on a tour of the remnants of the great city of memories. The highlight was being able to go into the Coney Island on St Peter. Mary, the wonderful owner let us in. Art deco eatery and a cool bar next door. It is available for parties.


Then worked with the Tallen family. This was thru the Ben Tallen family we did a wedding for in 2005. Great fun to see them again and work with the whole crew. We make a point of getting head shots and couple portraits of everyone and then the whole extended family. They loved our work and we appreciated being able to make them happy.

Did Caitlin and Mikes wedding today. Perfect weather. Great couple. I did Caitlin's grad portrait back a while. She is sooooooooo gorgeous. We had a super fun shoot.

Check this out. Ahhhh the blossoms!



Worked with Ryan. Great guy. These were for his realty work. I appreciate how hard working he is.


Worked with Alanna and her mom for her senior portrait. What a goddess! She knew how to move intuitively and had a real potential as a model. She and her mom were so kind and supportive. They really inspired me!


Had a wild session with a two year old and a two week old. Mom, dad, Marsha and I worked, chased, bribed and played to get story telling shots. Very nice family.

Met with Jared and Sara about their May 30 wedding. Wow we had fun. They are avid hunters and really into fitness. We must have talked for two hours. What a great couple.




Did a senior portrait of Lydia. She is a rock climber and a hockey player. She is so smart! Got great images and had fun with her and her mom!


Met with a wonderful young man, his mom and their cute Spaniel for a senior portrait. We went outside and did a lot inside. That dog was so loving and cute. Very nice folks. Great shoot.


Did Brian and Rachel's wedding today. Got a lot of iconic shots. It was weird to see it snow on the way to the wedding. They loved what I did. They knew what I did because I bring a monitor and they can see everything I do as it is shot so they have a say in the direction of the shoot.

Met with a very fun and interesting couple from Ethiopia. We will be doing their wedding in August. We had a lot of laughs and really enjoyed each other.

Met with Chris and Stephanie about their April wedding to plan out their album. Their parents came so we could really celebrate again their amazing day. They all loved the video and the whole concept of a fabulous wedding collection. We had fun!

Met with the Tischer's to navigate a great wedding album. Surprised them with an HD video and they loved it.

Did a photo shoot with John Marino at RSP marketing at Japs-Olson. It went well and it was fun to see 100 year old marketing items like letter openers in their archive. I really recommend John for your marketing needs.

Met with an interesting couple to go over some boudoir and pin up photos. The shoot went well. She is gorgeous and her husband was blown away. What a great gift for him!

Met with a dear attorney friend from Karate days. Had a blast talking about the old dojo,
his work with the Native American community and guitars. We could have talked for hours more. Lovely fellow!

Had a gaggle of kids come in for a portrait for mom for Mothers Day. Had great fun and got an amazing number of images from kids of all ages. Really amazing!

Did the Elsbernd wedding on 4/27. We got a lot of great shots. They were at the Cathedral so the ceremony was stunning. The reception was at Scharr's Bluff in Hastings. It is one of the most amazing places I have ever been. I really recommend it.

Going to spend the next couple days (yuck) paying bills. Like to pay them in full and on time. I feel this is a very important part of being a reliable studio that can be trusted.

I have had a long string of clients that had another photographer shoot for them and then they came to me after they did not get what they wanted at the other place. Ironic
that budget makes one go to the low cost place and then once you realize that does not do it you have to turn around and invest again. Just saying.

I have had an interesting time with a review site called Yelp. Clients kept writing great reviews for me but they never show up. I looked around the site and they have "hidden reviews". I have 18 of them! They arbitrarily hide reviews. Upon further research I found a review site that reviews Yelp. Apparently other businesses have had the same thing. Then they get a bad review that shows up and Yelp will call soon after and offer a package deal that includes your ability to respond but only if you pay them. Many have accused Yelp of writing the bad review themselves. Ugly business!

No one can prove this but that's what others businesses have found. It makes sense after what has happened to me on their site because they do call offering a "solution to the problem". Kinda Tony Soprano if you ask me.

Worked with a very impressive senior named Kathleen. She is an A+ student and great in sports headed to the U! We had a wonderful time. Nice to see the weather cooperate as well.

Met Paul Wilson. Fascinating novelist that wrote about his ancestors in Iowa. All based on a town that John Brown and Jesse James once visited. It is called "Land of Pleasure".
I plan to read it. Very intriguing man that I enjoyed very much.

Met with Shawn, Dawn and Boomer. Boomer is 17 so they wanted a great portrait session of him and with him. What wonderful folks. Shawn was so patient, Boomer posed perfectly and Dawn is a total model. We had so much fun! Very grateful to them for taking the time to honor Boomer!


Met with Dean and Marie today. Instantly connected with them. What a great couple! They are having the classic wedding and I am honored to be their photographer!

This month has vanished as it came. Met with Pat and Michelle and had a wonderful time. They booked me for their August wedding.

Shot the April 6 wedding for Chris and Stephanie. What a nice group!
Everyone on time and that allowed for creativity and a lot of great shots.

Did the engagement session of Thomas and Shanee. All of us were surprised with how many magical shots came out of that session. They are super excited to see the images that come out of their wedding.

Met with Anca and Ronald. Interesting couple from Europe that booked me for their June wedding. Met with Mitchell and Chase about their August wedding. Had a great visit with them and they booked me for their August wedding. Both very enjoyable couples!

Worked with Nathan and Ashley for their wedding. Got great images and loved the adventure of their wedding!

Worked on cleaning and organizing the studio for the upcoming busy season. Have been too busy to post images. Will catch up shortly. Not liking Winter coming back time and again.

Worked with two families of little kids. They cried, ran, hid. You know the drill. Its the Mt Everest of assignments kids are.

Anyway we are notorious for taking doubting parents and blowing them away. We got
over 200 images. Lots of great ones. Here is the tip of the iceberg.











3/30 - 4/2/13
Got a great chance to hang out with the Schulze family. I did their wedding in Dec of 82
as a young photographer. They have been married 30 years and have two fine sons. It was quite a homecoming! They even brought in their proof book from their wedding!

Did a grad portrait of Conner. Very bright young man with amazing enthusiasm and a smile to go with that. He is a fantastic musician so we did part of his shoot at a nearby baby grand!

Did Scott and Sonya's engagement portrait. He brought a vintage Strat so we had fun with that and a lot of other ideas. A couple so very in love. I love basking in their love!

Met with Ashley and Michael and his folks. Very nice people. It was fun to learn of their day and get the perspective of their parents too. They reserved me for their date! I am excited!

Also met with two other great couples that I know are going to retain me. We had a great time with both of them! It surprises folks how much time we spend taking care of them. Our average appt is 3 hours. No rush, no worries and no such thing as a bad question.

Working with great clients and having so much fun! Did 2 Engagement sessions on Sat.
Check out the shot of the ring and the faces. Never have done anything like that before.
Just have loved the clients in the shot since day one. They brought their kids. They were so fun!

Come on Spring!



Worked with two great clients on their engagement and family portraits. It is so nice to get outdoors and not freeze. Really had great sessions!


I think we all appreciate Spring. Winters are long and hard. Spent the day meeting with
a friend that helped me write "Wild and Wonderful Wedding day stories" and has worked with me on many musical recordings.

Gearing up for a very busy portrait day tomorrow.

Happy Spring!

Did a day shoot at Bodyworks with Keith Sullivan. Wow. What a great place! I recommend them. They work on exercises to avoid having to do surgery. Sounds great!
They have a huge staff and an amazing facility.







We copy and restore old photos. Here is a great example. You will not meet a more grateful client than one that has rescued an old photo. Photos are heirlooms and the only thing we have left.


Worked with a great couple, He was a movie star as a child in Russia. Their 1 yr old was the ultimate model. I have never seen such a cutie with perfect smiles.




Then a great couple came in with their dog Toby. Oh what a sweet pooch! Just loved working with them!

I am blessed with wonderful clients!


Worked with a couple that has come in for years. I watched their son grow up before my lens. We had a great time talking about days gone by. They are so cute! He is from Ireland!



A great couple came in for their engagement session. We played outside a lot. Had fun with some cool sunglasses and a hat. They were a joy to work with!
Thanks Meggan and Paul!



A couple came in and booked me as their photographer for a wedding on 1/4/14. I have seen them at a couple shows and gotten to be friends with them. I am so honored to work with them. Amazing. They design video games.
How cool is that! I am really excited Jennifer and Matthew!



Had the pleasure of working with clients that had a baby. Their tiger is 5 months old.
Oh, is he big and strong! I honestly thought he was 1 year old!
He had a great smile and I absolutely love Cathy and David!

3/5 - 3/9/13
Booked another wedding with a great bride and mom this week. What nice people. They did not need for me to show them much. They knew my work and rep and booked me.

Did a cool senior portrait. Mom and dad brought a snow mobile and a 4 wheeler. We have a country road out back and mom flipped when she saw the pictures. They LOVED them. It was a wonderful experience.

Met with couple and their new baby. Got great shots. We did an amazing number of images for the baby being only 6 months old. They were impressed!




Great day! Wonderful wedding client came in from Wisconsin for engagement portraits. We had so much fun!We are all so excited for the wedding June 1!

My dear clients from 9 years ago. We did their wedding. They came in with their beautiful 4 month old daughter for her first photo shoot. It turned out well and it was so great to see them again!

Being a wedding photographer in the same studio for all these decades brings so much joy! Its an honor to be a part of their lives!


I have booked 3 weddings in the last couple days. Did copy and restoration work for a client. Did a corporate head shot, family portrait and an engagement session.

My clients are so friendly and we have such fun! I a truly blessed. Hey did Spring pop up and tease us today. It felt like Spring today! Yipeeeeeee!

Booked a wedding with a gal that has been following my work for 7 years on line! She did not even know her groom back then....just loved my work.

Worked with a great family and had a ball with them. Met with Sean and Mignon about their wedding last Fall. So good to see them again. They loved the work and we are going to design a great album for them.

Worked with the Johnson's on an engagement. They brought cowboy, Viking, Wild and Nascar. Needless to say we had a ton of fun!

Getting ready for the TCBA Bridal show. This is a huge show and a great way for a couple to research and book the perfect vendor for them. We are at booth 321. Stop by. We have goodies for you that will help you no matter what stage of planning you are in.

Met with a great couple tonight about their wedding. We had a lot of fun. Their wedding is going to be a blast.

Wedding photography in the Twin Cities.

Lots of part timers out there doing weddings. There is so much to know about wedding photography in order to do a perfect job. We offer the most experience as a full time wedding photography studio in St. Paul. We work with couples on price and package as well. This is a huge decision. You wedding is the cost of a car. Do you want a 3 yr old driving it? Someone that has done wedding photography for 3 years is a 3 year old. Why not hand it to a 30+ year old who will take good care of you and always give you the best.

It is my mothers 85th birthday today. I had a nice time with her this week to celebrate. My mother is incredible. Gorgeous pro model, total movie star with multi talents. I really got a lot out of my education with her. She made me the artist that I am. Happy Birthday MOM!

Did 3 portrait sessions today. The first couple brought fire fighting gear. Great shots. The second is my dear almost daughter Megan and her fiance Austin. What a loving pair! So fun to work with. Both martial artists. My karate teachers are their parents Joe and Anita. Dearest of friends on this planet. You could never meet nicer folks. Dear friends and more! Such a treat to see Megan all grown up!

Did a family and senior portrait with a client from the UP. They came all the way here from Michigan because they love my work so much. Very sweet folks. I very much enjoyed them!

Did a head shot of an interesting attorney. Doing lots of these with social media on the rise. Working with brides from the Unveiled show last Sunday.

Celebrate with love this week. Its is the only real emotion God gave us. It is God in action. Its solves all problems and makes life so much better. If you get time come and celebrate it in front of my camera. That is why I became a photographer. I am in love with love and enjoy seeing in the lives of my clients.

Worked with Paul and Danelle today for their engagement session. Paul is super into the
Wild so we did a mega shoot at the Xcel. It was amazing. I was with them for almost 6 hours.

Why are engagement portraits so important not only in St. Paul, but everywhere? Because you are in the prime of your life and madly in love. Having a quicky session done by a friend or a run of the mill photographer is crazy. This is your LOVE! The most important person in the world to you! Why not capture the real you with great engagement portraits in the Twin Cities? Images that tell a story about you!

2/5 - 2/8/13
Met with two great couples that are reserving my services. I am excited about working with them!

Worked with an executive that is needing social media head shots for work. Real interesting guy.
Social media head shot photography in St. Paul is really keeping me busy. Its nice to have a real studio in St Paul just across the river from Mpls. I can match any color that is worn with a backdrop of that color.
That really makes the face pop out of the picture. This is really the place to come for executive and social media head shots and photography. We do 3 hour sessions, show images on a monitor so the client can see what we are doing and paint with light to make the images really fantastic.











Worked with a great family for their portrait in my St. Paul studio. Their daughter is in her mid teens and already has a rock group, writes their own songs, plays gigs, does barrel racing and is in theatre!
What talent and ambition at a young age. It was pure pleasure to work with them!


1/29- 2/2/13

Lots of couples discussing wedding plans. We will be at Unveiled in a week and that should bring even more brides in to book us for their weddings.

St. Paul’s top choice as a pet photographer

In Mpls/St.Paul we are the best pet photographer around. What makes us so special? Lots of things. Here is one of them. Pets can literally do no wrong in our studio. We know they are going to go wild when they come in. That is fine. It takes someone that is in love with their own pets and everyone else’s to adopt this stance. We adore pets. We want to keep them once they come here. Time is everything to a pet. They need to sniff out our studio when they come. We do not care how long that takes. It is amazing how that calms down every pet we have ever worked with. When it comes to pets we love all kinds. We have had every kind imaginable in our studio and they receive love and care when they arrive. TLC and time to sniff are just two reasons we are the best pet photographers in the Mpls/ St. Paul area.

Worked with brides all day on what they want in their packages. Met with a great couple from last October that got married in Wabasha Caves for their St Paul wedding. It was so fun to be their photographer! Those caves are so magical. If you want a really one of a kind wedding I recommend this place. You have to see it to believe it.


Boudoir photography in the Twin Cities

In St. Paul and Minneapolis, there has been quite a level of excitement surrounding boudoir photography. I have literally had clients come to me personally to do their portrait from as far away as the 5 state area. Most boudoir photography clients are married moms in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Their husbands are the unsuspecting recipients and they are so happy to receive this gift! The style of boudoir photography we offer in St. Paul and Mpls is far more sophisticated than any other studio in town. One of our secrets is the use of shadow and painting with light. This session can be so validating and healing to busy housewives and moms that have lost that feeling of being robust and vital. It is literally the cheapest form of psychotherapy on Earth or in the Twin Cities Area!


Worked with a great client who is having a baby. I did her boudoir portrait a while back and now I get to meet her husband. She is due in March. She came with a lot of creative ideas and we did the best pregnancy portraits here in our St. Paul MN studio.

Then had a lovely lady come in for glamour portraits for her husband for Valentine's day. Our St. Paul studio is loaded with great props and lights for boudoir photography so this went very well.

Finally met with an interesting client that is having an Indian wedding this year. I love doing wedding photography at Indian weddings! So colorful and gorgeous.

All in all a great week!


The importance of the business headshot in Twin Cities media

In St. Paul and Mpls we are sought out for business and social media headshots. Lets face it. Its an internet world. I am amazed how CEO’s that wear expensive suits and drive big cars have a snap shot to show the world who they are. I have done business headshots in St. Paul and Minneapolis for major corporations at the studio and on location. I have done famous politicians, athletes, celebrities and CEO’s.

A major concern is how to make the mature executive look younger, thinner and tanner. I am a trained Master photographer when it comes to that. I use a lot of different techniques to make sure each individual feels they look much better in executive portraiture than they do in real life. It has been such a pleasure to be a part of the St. Paul and Mpls community of executives. It has been exciting and rewarding adventure!


I booked 3 weddings today. All of them custom designed packages. I am happy to work with any budget and content. Great clients. One bride is Native American so she is going to have elements of that in her ceremony. I just love that. Another couple that came in laughed and talked. We had so much fun.
The third bride is 60. We hit it off at the bridal show. She is a hoot. I know we are going to have fun!

St. Paul’s Master of Wedding photography

I became a Master photographer by studying with Masters. I brought amazing ideas home to the Mpls and St. Paul area from all over the country and world. I am hard pressed to think of another Master photographer in the metro area that specializes in weddings and does more than a handful. It takes around 20 years to become a Master thru the PPA. Less than 1% of all photographers achieve this degree. It is the client's assurance that they will be completely happy with their images and their wedding day experience.
Having done 2,000 weddings in Minneapolis and St. Paul over these last decades has taught every aspect of pleasing the bride and groom and their families. We strive to astonish all our clients with our wedding photography in the Twin Cities area.




Working on my music. I have had a number of very top notch music people go nuts over my singer/songwriter stuff. Check it out here:

Met with a great bride that is doing an Indian wedding.

Then met with a gorgeous woman that looked like a movie star. She came in for headshots. Oh my word! Good looking. We are children of the 60's so we had a great time talking about all the crazy stuff we saw back then.

The importance of commercial photography to your business

I own a business just like you do. If there is a way to cut a cost that I can do myself believe me I will do it. Photographs of your product, your staff, your facility is your first impression on your customer. In the Twin Cities I do the finest commercial photography. I have worked as a photographer for companies in St. Paul and Minneapolis and surrounding metro area.

As a Master of photography, I studied with great Masters that taught me many great tricks and techniques that led me to creating superior images for print and for the web. If all you have is a couple seconds of your potential client's time to view what you can do for them, you really need a Master photographer in commercial photography here in the Twin Cities to create astonishing illustrations of what you have to offer.




Met THE cutest little 3 year old and her mom today. Mom is from Bosnia. So nice and interesting! Tiny princess literally could be a model. So intuitive. VERY smart and just knew what to do. Needless to say we had fun!


Did you know that pet photography in St. Paul and Minneapolis requires a unique talent?

As a younger photographer in St. Paul I was intimidated with the concept of pet portraiture. Lets face it. Pets do not cooperate. They can be wild and crazy and can make messes in any studio or location you are working in.
It took serious study to come to a place where we not only do pet photography here in the Twin Cities….we actually beg clients to bring in their dogs for portraits as well as their cats.

I am the proud dad of two amazing cats Smokey and Baby. I lost my beloved Shadow in October of 2011 after 15 years of hilarious love and fun adventure. It taught me just how important memories can be. I have the best DSLR money can buy at home and at the studio. I take shots at home but there is something missing compared to what I can do at the studio. That is lighting. A DSLR has 40 watt seconds of light. My studio lights have 4,000 watt seconds of light. What does that mean? The ability to see the face of your pet thru all that hair.

Have you noticed how dark the face of your pet is when you take the picture? Also all that light captures every hair and whisker of your pet. In loving detail you can admire your pet forever in a way that almost looks like a painting. This is just one aspect of making the best pet photography in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.


Busy times. Did an engagement portrait with a super fun client. We had a lot of laughs and were able to do some interesting things.

Then did a headshot of an actress at the old log theatre.

Did TCBA bridal show on Sunday. Must have talked to 100 brides myself. My message? Simple. If you want to research photographers do this. Ask if they are full time. I mean do they do 3-40 hours a week of behind the camera photography year round? (They can not rely on a spouse pay check, a rich dad or life hard working Minnesotans give them money year round because they are worth that money?)
I know I am a "full time photographer" and I can not think of anyone else that fits this catagory. Why would anyone want to work with anyone less in wedding photography?

Family photography Twin Cities style

Family photography in St. Paul/ Mpls has gone the way of the church directory for years now. Again an ironic twist. The ultimate goal of most humans is to be a part of a family and have a family. The Family is the most precious entity on Earth.

Family photography in St. Paul has all but disappeared as a high level art form. Due to that fact most families rely on their own cameras or their church to take that important historic picture. Having a part time photographer hired out of a newspaper ad that works for the company that does church directories is hardly the best option for anyone that wants a portrait worth cherishing.

I started doing photography of families in Minneapolis in the early days and now in St. Paul in the tradition of the Great Master photographers. We help clients with many aspects of the fine art family portrait. The first long forgotten item of attention is how to dress for that family portrait. Dress can literally take 20-50 pounds off each person if done correctly. Dressing for the best family portrait you can possibly dream of in our town of St. Paul is something we take very seriously. We even have a clothing consultation and follow up with a before and after guide to how to dress and how not to dress.

This is just one element of how to achieve the ultimate family photograph in the Twin Cities area.

We do every family grouping you can think of during a family photo shoot. This is one family who have been clients for years who came in for Christmas card portraits again this year. The family was very well color-coordinated, and we were able to do a lot of gorgeous shots with this unique reddish background I have in my St. Paul studio. The shots came out amazing with our great studio lighting. The boys really get the giggles watching me as I shoot, and we end up with great natural smiles. Mom and Dad look gorgeous in their portrait alone, and Mom told me it was the best portrait we have ever done! I take great pride in making my subjects look thinner, tanner and younger than they ever thought possible. Just a few tricks up my sleeve I have learned from the great Masters.


What a graduating senior should look for in their senior portraits in the Twin Cities:

I have been a senior portrait photographer for decades in the St. Paul/ Minneapolis area. I have always loved working with seniors. We have fascinating conversations for a good long time before I click the camera. I think seniors have their pictures taken in St. Paul/Minneapolis want to be taken seriously. They want to have a unique session that really shows them off as who they are as people. That is why our senior photography sessions are 3 hours long not 3 minutes long. We also use a monitor so that each senior getting photographed from the Twin Cities area can see a large actual picture of themselves during the session. That way they can feel validated or change what we are doing. Spending extra time and showing the images right away are just two of many reasons why we are doing the finest senior graduation portraits in the St. Paul/ Mpls area.

Children and Baby photography ... the ultimate challenge:

Obviously department stores do children and baby photography in the St. Paul/Mpls area. Parents put their heart and soul into raising their children and then settle for digital snap shots they take or the ones taken at the store. This is of course ironic. Why would our most important memories be entrusted to a 17 year old “photographer” at a department store or to our own explorations of a digital camera?

There is a huge psychology to working with kids. It has taken us years to become the best children and baby photographer in the Twin Cities. Whether children come from our local St. Paul area or the entire Minneapolis area for their photography, we have thrilled clients for years. Our proudest achievement is that we have annual sessions with children for their photography from the time they are born until we are doing their wedding!



Met with Nathan and Ashley do their engagement portrait at our St. Paul studio. We were all so thrilled with the results. It was a real celebration. I am so flattered that they came in from Wilmar to do this.

Then we did Sandy's extended family. I got 15 adults in the shot. Its great to do family portraiture in my St. Paul studio because it is big enough! We do every persons headshot, all relationship shots, all families and of course the big family. It took so long to do what I do as well as I do it. There is a real art to group photos.


Worked with a great St. Paul family for their portrait. They brought their dog and it made it even better. Really clicked with them. Friends for life!

Met with a fascinating author and philosophy professor for a head shot. She is so interesting. Very much enjoyed her. Another executive portrait from the St. Paul area!

Met with Laura, Matt and Clayton and got the most amazing images you could imagine of 2 year old Clayton. It has literally taken us decades to figure out how to get perfect images of a little one. Laura and Matt are past wedding clients and so sweet! Just love em!

Met with Janet and Andy about their wedding.
Had a great talk about the Steelers. They are huge fans. We are blessed to do their wedding! Tonight Lonnie and Rebecca came in. We did an amazing wedding photography in Mpls of their day. They were floored tonight with their moms as we watched their HD video. They had no idea we did one! It was hugs all around!

Met a great bride and her aunt and uncle. We sat for hours talking and laughing. She booked and it was fun.

Worked with a wonderful baby named Oliver. Got some of the best pictures of a child I have ever gotten. You would not believe what we do to get the shots we get. Actually work as a team. The images are amazing. No one does anything like what we do here.

Met with a very interesting couple from Japan. They are musicians. Did extremely creative work with them. Enjoyed our time together.

Then I paid bills. Mountains of them to pay if you are working above board and have the right staff and facility. Yuck!





I worked with John Marino on how to really do facebook yesterday. Just learning but so far very impressed. John is a great guy!

Had a great client come in for boudoir. Her husband did some with her. Very tasteful. Amazing images. Extremely artistic. I spent 4 hours with them and we simply did not want to have it end. Very cool couple.
Lots of fun!

What a blessing! I got to work with a family I have been photographing for 20 years! We laughed and thought back over all the wonderful growing up years shots. We looked at old props we used and talked about the pictures taken.

Now we have a 20 year old instead of a two year old! He is headed to medical school. Frankly I am in a state of shock at how the years have flown by. I really see family love when I see a family that is dedicated to memories that are taken by a pro instead of a friend or cell phone. The better the images the better the memories I say! We could not have had more fun! I just love this family so much!

Last entry for the year.

I do this work for one reason only. I want to have a profound relationship with other humans. This is the best way. Nothing matters more to me on Earth than this work. I would not have done this for decades if this was not my truth.

Today alone I met a model with THE most amazing eyes ever. She will be going to New York. Delightful to meet and work with her!

I met a super fun senior, her mom and cousin. None of us will be the same after this. We laughed, played and made art. What else matters in this world?

Finally did an extended family that was so full of love and play. Oh those folks amazed me! I blew them away with huge variety and amazing images but more importantly I connected with them on a very deep level. Their oooohhss and aaahhhhs were my paycheck. One of the moms was my past client. I did her senior portrait in 1985!

Each year for me is about 5 years long. I live with huge pressure, huge drama, huge intrigue, huge love and happiness. My vision will be in the images I create for a very long time. Maybe forever. Long after I have gone.
I love to be such an intimate part of peoples lives. I thank God every day for the opportunity to live such a meaningful life!

Happy New Year to all!




Met a terrific groom and his sister last night. We chatted for 5 hours. He booked me for April. I can not wait for his wedding!

Had a heartwarming session with dear clients from the past. I can not believe how much their kids have grown! These loves are from church and are like family! It meant a lot to see them again!

Saw my dear friend and client Sue. It must have been 10 years. We hugged. My how time flies. So good to see her.

Saw my dear friends and clients from October wedding. So good to see them again. Surprised them with a video I did for them They were so happy.

This has been such a busy year. Great clients and wonderful memories and the satisfaction that we did a great job.


Got to work with wonderful families coming together over the holidays. Also a glamour session with a fun gal that looked like a Greek goddess. Her guy came along and absolutely loved the session!

Two restaurants

Its time to eat. You see two restaurants and one has a nearly full parking lot and the other has 4 cars. Both have a sign that says “Immediate seating”.

The one with the packed lot has been around for decades. The one with the nearly empty lot is newer.

Which one do you go in? The busy one right!?

Lets say you meal is going to cost you thousands of dollars on the happiest day of your life. Now which one? They busy one of course!

What if one of your best friend owns the newer restaurant and the other is someone you do not know but have heard repeated good things about? We all like to try new things but at your own expense?

Running a restaurant and being a wedding photographer have a lot in common. Every one can take a picture or cook a meal. BUT there are amazing places to eat that have unbelievable service, a total experience and the food is out of this world.

These tragedy laden days, smart brides are hiring friends who are like that new restaurant. Untested, inexperienced, inconsistent and not up to the task. It is a comfort to hire someone you trust emotionally. Hiring a strange “pro” could be another tragedy just like on the news. It can be scary to trust a stranger right?

We all hire doctors, lawyers and airline pilots we do not know. We honor their vast experience and schooling. We do not do that with photographers because we can take a picture ourselves so what is the big deal here anyway?
A restaurant that has been around for decades has earned community trust because while 98% of other eatery’s have gone out of business that special place has not.
Question. Why would we put the entire budget of our wedding in the hands of a friend if….

1. That friend is part time. In other words not good enough to be full time. Not considered worthy by the community at large to make as much or more at photography than in their regular job?

2. That friend is married to a spouse that really brings in the vast majority of the income. In other words again the community is really not voting with their hard earned dollars to keep them around? They live on another income and learn at your wedding.

3.That friend does just a handful of weddings a year. Weddings happen year round. Anyone can dabble in this part time with a spouse that supports them in their “budding career or hobby.”
If they were that good, would they not be booked most every weekend of the year?

4. That friend takes some great pictures. Sure they do. Out of the thousands of images they take at a wedding a handful are amazing. What if you could hire a pro that made every image amazing?
Your whole day, whole budget and whole experience is in the hands of your wedding photographer. Hire a FULL TIME pro. Someone that does not have an outside income stream and has decades of satisfied customers. “A full parking lot” if you will.

This is not a game and brides have no idea how this can blow up in their face until this is too late. There are a 100 skills sets in wedding photography….not just taking pretty pictures
©Steve Rouch Photography 651-644-2184 choice Master photographer


Had a wonderful one year old baby come in with proud parents. We did an astonishing amount of perfect pictures with this great tyke. We were all surprised and delighted.

Had an extended family come in for a session. Did every kind of group you can think of. Really got great shots. They were all pleased. Could see such family love among them! It was a joy to be around them.

Had a enjoyable couple come in tonight to book a wedding. We hit it off right away and are all excited about the wedding next October!

Hiring a friend because you know them and enjoy that security is a huge mistake. Hire an expert. It may seem like you are not close at first but they are going to do a much better job and who may become friends! Lots of clients are hiring friends now. They won't be friends after they see their pictures!

Lots of clients picking up their albums and pictures for Christmas. This is when you can really enjoy life as a photographer. You can see the maturity and wisdom paying off for clients that realized that there is an investment involved with something worth owning like fine photography but the pay off is huge for them later when they can share memories with loved ones and look forward to a lifetime of ownership!




Hey we are all still here. Lets be grateful for that! Worked with an interesting couple for their pregnancy portraits. Here is a cute one of his heart shaped hands on her tummy. I do not think I have seen a couple more in love than these two....

Had a great shoot with a senior and her dad. We laughed all the way thru the shoot!

A wonderful extended family came in and did every conceivable group we could. So awesome!


I am so blessed with great clients. A wonderful lady that is going to be an advocate for artists. She is an incredible person.

Then I get to meet little Layla! Wow. What a personality! Really enjoyed her and her family.

Lastly a wonderful idea. A cousin shot for grandma. Great kids. Super fun time!

Met this great senior that was years beyond his age. We discussed history at length and he really knew his stuff. His mom was a writer and so am I. I had so much fun. I did not want them to go!


It is the season for engagement rings and wedding planning. I have a great tip that anyone can use as a consumer especially around weddings. Check in with each photographer TWICE. Ask each photographer what they think about the other ones you are visiting. You never know what they might bring up. They will probably bring up things you would have never asked about.

Also run why you are leaning one way or the other with another photographer. I have had folks love me but book someone else "because they liked their style better." Upon a closer look what they liked was a simple button in photoshop any photographer can apply to a picture after its taken. Meanwhile they never ask ..."hey Steve, can you shoot in a soft style too?" Of course I can. I can shoot any style and work with any budget.

Why do I bring this up? Because I often times run into clients that met with me and then went on to book someone else. They run up to me at a wedding I am doing and say "wow, you were right......your whole approach is so much better....we fell for one simple feature and ignored all the other we are so bummed out about our bad experience and so- so photography."

I use this tactic with everything. If I was buying a refrigerator I would go back and forth several times and let the vendors I am seeing debate. There is so much more to learn from them than I could ask and it helps me uncover the truly best buy in any situation!

I love my work. Its about showing people how beautiful they really are and sharing in the joy that brings to them. After all the school photos, snap shots and glimpses in the bathroom mirror most folks hate how they look. It took me decades to learn how to paint with light and make people look younger, thinner and tanner than ever before.

What an adventure every day is here! Got to work with a great family, a 5 month old baby boy that looks like the Gerber baby, a senior grad, a life coach that inspired me, a couple celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, a boudoir client and a pair of cute siblings. Each client was thrilled and had a great time.

What is so cool is that their loved ones are really going to go crazy when they see what we did and be super happy with photo gifts.

Did a family portrait of a great client that worked with me on a shoot in 1993! It was so good to see her again and meet her two daughters. It was a cold, grey day but I was able to warm up the light and get an image of them that looks like it was a perfect day in October.


Very busy last couple days with family and kid portraits. Coming up with fun shots. I wish I had the time to post all of them. Too busy shooting. Very grateful for the business!


Had the honor of working with Alison, Jay and the boys. What a group! If every family was like this one our country would have a huge financial surplus, there would be no crime and everyone would be a joyous and productive citizen!

I have been able to photograph these young lads since they were babies. They are polite, well behaved, expressive and very fun loving. The family love I see is overwhelming. I totally enjoy their company and am so lucky to be their friend. This is truly the model family for the ages. To think I met them 12 years ago when Jason, the oldest was just a tiny tiger. How time flies!



Had two great families in for Holiday portraits. First the Lewis family came in with little ones Dallas and Floria. Cute kids! We really hit it off and they said they wanted us to be their photographer for life!

Then worked with the Wilmes family. Adult kids. GREAT time to do this. Now the kids really are full grown and look like themselves. Playful and fun group. Both families made my day joyous.

Did executive head shots for AARP. Real nice group we photographed on location in St. Paul Downtown.

Did a senior and her family. I love it when the family comes too. It is so important!

Finally got to grabbing an image of Dent Myher from Georgia. This man was so hilarious and fun!

Also here is a shot from Beaufort SC. This is the house the Big Chill was photographed. Also a family photo of the Popp's with Debbie and Dixie. What loving folks!

Met with Christa and Aaron. Really hit if off with them. Christa amazed me. She asked very good questions every photographer should be asked about wedding photography. I was so impressed with them as a couple.

Heard back from Rebecca and Jay. They are booking with us. They have a gorgeous wedding plan for the Grandview up North.

Then I met Tyler and his parents. We had so much fun. Tyler is a monster on the court so we got a great senior photo of him with his uniform. He even gave me a ride in their HUMMER! What fun!

Had a delightful time with Dan and Jianyu. It is their 30th wedding anniversary! These two were so fun to watch. Totally in love with each other and beaming with happiness and pride in their session. I took notes. I am in awe of such love and commitment. It was a joy to be with them.

I have been too busy to blog. I hope to catch up soon. Working sometimes 12 hours a day.

Booked two weddings today and launched an Amazon portrait deal and a living social deal so I am going to be swamped.

Did a super session with the Popps on Tues. They were so fun.

Met a guy named Dent Myers in Kenesaw, GA. Wow, what a cool guy. A real Southern rebel from the Civil war. I, being into history, was amazed at his Wild Man Store.

Went to Beaufort SC to see and shoot the locations where Forest Gump, Prince of Tides, The Great Santini and The Big Chill were shot. REAL Southern mansions with Spanish moss and 300 year old live oaks. It was gorgeous. Got great images for my upcoming book.


This seems to be appropriate for the Holiday of reflection and gratitude.


Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be critical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.



This week has been a blur. Lots of great clients. Working about 12 hours a day. Too busy to post but grateful to my webmasters Jay and Alison French and to all my awesome clients.

Have a great Thanksgiving everybody!


I finally got my book "Wild and Wonderful Wedding Day Stories" into ebook form.

promo ... "Read Steve's Rouch's exciting new memoir of hilarious, shocking and heartwarming stories of being a wedding photographer. Simply click on this link to go to Amazon and read what not to do at YOUR wedding PLUS bonus info on how to SAVE thousands of dollars on the cost of your wedding AND fascinating information on the history of weddings."

Here is the link: Wild and Wonderful Wedding Day Stories

Also I wrote this as a response to brides inquiring about my services. I really search for the words to try to express my sincerity and amazing qualifications.
I think I finally put those words together here..........

I am sure you are going to hear from a lot of photographers. Or should I call them camera owners of nice equipment with a burning passion to become a full time pro?

I am THE seasoned pro of the Twin Cities. I have done 2,000 weddings over decades. Everyone in the business knows me as the gold standard of the industry. I grew up under a German father that demanded excellence in everything and I now thank him everyday for giving me the drive to be a full time wedding Master photographer that has won every award imaginable.

We are living in a time where "good enough" has replaced breath taking magic. We are in a time of trusting a friend of a friend, a part-timer or a place with 20 rookies with an irreplaceable once in a lifetime event has become the norm. I see the backlash of this misguided thinking at every wedding I do. Brides I did not work with pull me aside at every wedding I am shooting with tears in their eyes after watching me work and tell me their nightmare tale of woe. Now they see the difference!

I promise you that I go so far above and beyond anything you can imagine with my work, my customer care and the feeling of joy I bring to your day. In an environment where everyone wants to shoot a wedding for a few bucks I have gone from doing weddings for $3,000-$7,000 (pre-2008) to working with every budget. I know I can truly help you.

No one would hire a 30 year old pilot, attorney or heart surgeon. They would want the very best of the best. THE most experienced. Why is wedding photography any different? Sully Sullenberger was the pilot that landed the plane on the Hudson River in NYC saving the lives of 300 passengers and countless people on the ground in Manhattan. He says it took all of his 19,000 hours of training to land that plane. He knew in his younger years that he would not have been able to make it. That is exactly how I feel about my 19,000 hours of training. I am a certified Master of Photography from the PPA. Less than 1% of all photographers achieve that ranking in their lifetimes.

If you want the security and prestige of hiring the absolute best please give me a call or drop me a line. I am playful, caring, organized and highly artistic. I would love to blow you away with the most amazing experience of your life!

Did the Unveiled bridal show at the Mpls Convention Center. It was the most amazing show I have ever seen. I really recommend it. My friend Bruce Vassar invited me in and I can not thank him or his partner Matthew Trettel enough! Met great brides including a mom I did her wedding in 1980! She is the mom of a current bride to be. I love how long I have been in this business and how many brides I have served all these decades!


Did two great senior sessions today. A lovely young lady and her grandma. A speed skater that looked like James Farintino the movie star.

Then a wonderful couple came in and booked me for June 2014. Images to follow. Long day!


















It takes me a day to pay bills for my studio each month. This is because I believe in having the right equipment, doing this full time, having a great facility, being insured etc. Clients have no idea what they are getting into not having a real pro to work with. Lots of potential problems. Our greatest asset is our referrals. We love to have potential clients have access to our past clients to get the real info about how good we are. A camera does not make a photographer. Pictures may turn out but they are snap shots. Anyone can get something out of their camera. If you want your breath taken away and be thrilled for life

I am the guy. Most folks do this part time and for a few years. Having friends and family experiment with your precious memories is risky!

Here is a shot of a Minnesota lady that just turned 112! Memories are not just for a lifetime. They are an heirloom that will be cherished by many who are not born yet. The cost compared to the precious memories makes working with a real pro a logical choice.

I spend one day a month with my consultant Cheryl to go over studio operations to analyze how we can do everything better. Its an expense but I am German! I love to do everything perfectly!

Had two great seniors in today. One bought his hunting stuff.The other his family. Very nice clients!

Then the Horowitz's came in to do an album consult. I LOVE them. Their folks are so sweet. We have become like family. Had a lot of fun and they were so delighted.


One of the greatest engagement sessions of my life! This couple is eye candy, fun and playful. I wish I had the time to show all that we did with them. It was amazing.

Steve and Megan came in with baby Seamus. What a doll! I love these guys like family and their happiness over their 7 week old was overwhelming. Got 200 great shots.

Rebecca and Ulyssis came in and booked 1/5/13 tonight. Getting married at the Guthrie. We will have an awesome shoot I just know it. We had so much fun tonight!


Did a commercial shoot for J and L wiring. Here is a machine we shot a gel into and used a smoke machine on to make it more dramatic.

Worked with the Jepsen's Great family. Did their family and two senior portraits. Everyone was so cool. Love to do individual headshots and every grouping imaginable. Really had fun.

It is my birthday. I love my work so much I would rather do this than anything else.

The Goetzke's came in. Super favorite client. Just love them. We had a ball. Designing their album. Surprised them with an HD video of their wedding day and they went wild.

Noticing one big name photographer after another going out of business. They obviously did this to make money. Then the scabs come in to take their place. They have no business pretending to be photographers. Their work may look good (what they show anyway) but all in all, they are a disaster waiting to happen. I do this work for the honor of creating amazing memories for clients. Ones that will out live all of us.

Just had a wonderful shoot with the Newhouse's. Mom and son are so artistic and bright. I did not want them to leave. They loved what we did and really co-created with me. I can not say enough about them.

They were so kind and fun to be with!



Had a fast paced shoot with the Johnson's today. Took a perfect picture every 20 seconds! It took me decades to get that good. Ironically with the new economy and digital cameras folks are hiring their next door neighbors to shoot their expensive wedding only to pull me aside later at at future wedding and complain about "that other photographer and why didn't we hire you, Steve"! Folks do not listen before the wedding and weep after from their bad results. It will never change. 

This year a switch got flipped. All my buddies that are seasoned vet wedding photographers stopped getting calls from brides. I hate to admit this but me too. This is my last wedding of the year for 6 months.

We had a super busy year and did the best work of our lives. Is this folks fearing the rumors of the end of the world? I have NO idea what I am going to do. I have never seen this before. I am at the top of my game. Doing amazing work. I bring so much fun, organization, creativity and calmness to each wedding. I think quality photographers are a dying breed. Oh well.


My cat Smokie turns 15 today. I have never felt love exactly like this before. He has eyelashes! His markings are gorgeous. He lays on his back with his paws like a boxer. There is nothing more cute that my baby kitten. I am so lucky to have this cat! He is the love of my life. His little sister baby is a prankster. I love watching them wrestle and go crazy!

My wedding was at the Wabasha Caves. It has an amazing history and is totally worth the trip to see. Gangsters used to party there and theoretically ghosts run the place. A guy with a Tommy gun and fedora hat gives tours and tells stories. It makes for one heck of a place for a wedding. Here is a shot that shows part of the cave.


Worked with a great young man on his senior portrait and got to work with his brother, girlfriend and mom too. If someone is kind enough to come here I am going to make sure I do headshots for everyone.

It was rainy but we got great outdoor stuff too. Really hit it off with these nice folks!

Met the most delightful woman named Dawn. I think she could be in movies. I literally asked her to work for me on the spot she was so delightful!

Then Olivia my precious friend came in. I have been photographing her almost every year since she was a baby. She and her parents have become like family.

Her mom Jan is an artist and wanted a new location so we went to Loring park on a great Fall day to do her senior portraits!


I have looked forward to Lonnie and Rebecca's wedding for a long time. They are so sweet and FUN! In this glorious day we really had an amazing shoot.

We went to many great locations. Went to Profile Event Center twice in one weekend. 

Had a wonderful mother and daughter come in for senior portraits. Mikayla was like a model. We got so many great shots that all of us were amazed. They were so happy and nice to me!

Then my beloved Palmquist's came in. I did Chad and Christy's wedding 20 years ago and have had the pleasure of working with their kids Matt and Megan since they were babies every year. They are more than family to me. I measure my year by the fun of that one day each year when we can giggle, create and float in the heaven of family love. I simply adore this family!

Did Shane and Nichole's wedding today. We had a great shoot and a great time. We were able to get outside and do some awesome things.

Their wedding was at the Profile center. I mystical place with cool lighting and staging.

Busy with wedding clients figuring out their wedding albums. I had the sweetest couples come in today!

They are like family and we are definately in the hug mode!

Did a very interesting wedding with Liz and Jake. The Classic Hall was full of cool old cars and old store fronts in Annandale.

We got this shot on some train tracks. Lots of great images!


Loved working with Nikki and Dale. We laughed all day long. Got some of the best images I have in a long time. The pastor told me I did her brother's wedding. I am meeting past clients all over the place and its the most rewarding thing I could ever do.


Spent the past couple days taking care of a sick friend with cancer. I count my blessings seeing what it is like to go thru that.

I have waited a long time to work with Spencer and Kelly. We are all old souls and love medieval things. They had a wedding with swords and dragons. Spencer is a photographer and upon seeing me at the TCBA show with 35 photographer booths he said "you are the only real photographer here and I just have to work with you." I have loved these two and had adventures with them including today that were profound and sacred. Here is a cool shot at Como that I know they are going to love.



What a sweet couple today at J J Hill Library. Loving and so affirming. I can not say enough about Rosa and Aaron and their wonderful families!

I ran into two other couples that I had done their wedding. They were so nice to me too. It is great to hear what my work has meant to them over the past years and how much they enjoy their albums.


Had the sweetest couple tonight for a wedding. They were a referral from a client a couple of years ago that I really enjoyed.

The bride was so full of validation and sweetness. It was heaven to work with them!


Did two in depth album consultations today. They take a long time but are worth helping the client figure out things about their album.

Did an engagement today. Tried to capture the Fall leaves in spite of the cold wind with a dear friend Ben and his fiance!


10/2 and 10/3/12
In a business it can be surprising all the costs associated with running a great studio. Each month I pay my bills in full promptly close to the first. It literally can take me two days to go over all the paperwork, all the administrative and pay all the bills. It would be easy to have less bills. I have a brick and mortar studio. It is professional, in a safe part of town and not way out in the boonies. Clients value this place. And it costs. I have a great staff. A super designer and folks that answer the phone promptly so that clients get good service. I hate how businesses never get back to me or run me thru a complicated voice mail to get to a disinterested "service" person.I am proud that we have well maintained reliable equipment, the latest techno stuff and state of the art ideas for our clients. I believe in insurance. We are covered for anything that happens. We have multiple phone lines for quick response to clients. Each bill I pay each month is about offering the finest product and experience to our clients. It all costs money to offer such a great product. I know the new photographer is operating out of a Starbucks with a laptop. They have minimal equipment and very little experience. I understand being on a budget. Everyone is. I am. Just wanted to point out the vast difference in what you are going to get from the hoards of new photographers out there. There is a cost associated with quality. Our reputation is what that quality is all about.


9/28 and 9/29/12
Very busy weekend. Did a wedding at Como with a very fun group. The groom is a big name radio person and he has an amazing and charming personality that really shows his talent.With weather like this how can you lose?

I do love the Pavillion. One of the greatest places in town!

On Sat am, I did my Augustana group shot for communion. 53 in the group so posing is always a challenge. I am lucky to be a part of their heritage.

Went then to do a wedding that involved a classic car and a super great group of people. Got a lot a great shots and really enjoyed this playful couple.

Groom's dad is a black belt in hopkido so we had a lot to talk about with my background in shotokan.


My studio keeps improving by the day. We are coming up with new HD wedding videos that are gorgeous. Spent the day with tech genius David to set that up. We are also working on a cool album design program and retouching program that is going to absolutely thrill clients!

Got a midnight voice mail from Thea my bride from 2 weeks ago. She left a super long message thanking us profusely for the shoot we did and the new HD video she just watched. She and Sean are great clients and now friends as well, and it's the continued emotional support that keeps us so inspired!

Met with consultant Cheryl on how to continue to perfect the studio in all its functions so clients have the best of the best from us. We do that for 3 hours each month.

Consulted with Cindy about her pictures. She loved them and is getting all of them. Very interesting person I enjoyed working with quite a lot.

Met with Mike and Caitlin for their engagement. I did her senior portrait 10 years ago. It is hard to believe that time has flown and now we are doing her wedding!

Now going to meet Thea and Sean to go over their wedding images and come up with a creative way to present them!

There are so many elements to running a studio. Taking great images is the tip of the iceberg. Learning all of them takes longer than what budding photographers are willing to give. It is a rare thing to find a full time, full service studio. We take a lot of pride in how far we have come these past decades.



Had a fun day with Ryan and Jen. Ryan is hilarious. He had me laughing all day with his great sense of humor! Jen was like a dream. She was the most beautiful of brides. We got this shot at Town and Country Club on a perfect day!

One session after another this week. Interesting clients. A writer, a family, a therapist.
I only publish images if the clients are ok. Some are private and that is understandable.
Getting ready for my wedding tomorrow!



Worked with a beautiful client on head shots. I asked if anyone ever says she looks like Kim Bassinger or Sharon Stone. She laughed. "It happens all the time." Great shots. Great time. Great client!


Met with a couple to design their wedding album. It was great fun because we did their parents wedding back in the day and it was really cool to see mom and dad again! Nice couple!

Did a family portrait in my favorite park. It was a rather private affair so no picture posts. It was to celebrate the adoption of their daughter with special needs. Being the playful person that I am I got great shots of her. (Hey, I am a kid too). Really turned out to be a nice shoot.

Had a lot of nice connections with old wedding vendor friends in the business. We keep in touch out of friendship and support. I cherish each and every one of them so much!



I am so lucky to have such great clients! Shawn and Mignon were so mellow and happy today! We got to go over to Loring park for this shot but got a ton of cool ones in an ally and the Bascilica. Quite a contrast! My contact person for this wedding was a career mogul in the movie industry in LA. What a thrill to meet him. We got to chat about how great old movies are because there are no gimmicks. Just great photography and lighting. I could not agree more. That is the essence of my work. I will always remember this couple and this sacred day.

Perfect day for a wedding. Got to ride in a 57 Chev limo to a lake to take this and many more cool shots. The Costello's were loving and cool.

Worked with a vibrant couple Tracy and Matt. They own their own business so we could instantly relate. I hated to see them leave. We hugged at the end. I feel like we are going to be friends for life.

Had the Williams family come in. SWEET people! Brittni could be a model. Did not want them to leave either. Really enjoyed them and got to do a family portrait too! Her dad owns his own business so we had a lot to talk about. It was fun!

Met with a family from a shoot not to long ago to figure out their order. They had a gaggle of kids and it was a real free for all. Got cool images of everyone. It helps that I am an over grown kid too!


Got up at 5am to shoot a group of executives in St Paul at their headquarters. Then off to the studio to meet with Tracy about her album. We had fun discussing her honeymoon in Hawaii. She is going to have an amazing album! Then did a sr portrait of LaBrea. She could be a model. Worked with her for 4 hours.
So ends a very long 15 hour day!


Cathy and Josh could not have been sweeter. Their families were playful and we simply had a fantastic day. I have a powerful collection of images from this wedding. Their enthusiasm for my ideas let me really be at the top of my game and I did many shots I have never done in my career. My claim to fame is that I get images you can not see with your eyes. I go to the Walt Disney level that I think we all long for. My best shots were all vertical and this blog only takes horizontal images. Go to view proofs on line to see what I did. Cool stuff! Its so fun when I get hugs from a lot of different people at a wedding. I think I set a hug record today.



Met with Julie to finalize her wedding album. She is working on her PhD and her husband is in his residency to become an MD!

Did Jennifer's bridal portrait. Her dress was from the Wedding Shoppe and was so gorgeous! I really believe in a bridal portrait. The dress is so important and hardly gets the proper attention. We spent 3 hours on shots you could never do at a wedding. We were both pleased with the results!

Had the most fun time with the Long family. What a perfect time for a family portrait. The kids are in college and soon you know they will move far away or include more folks with marriage. We got great shots of this playful and fun family and really enjoyed each other.

Met with Gordy and Jenny to plan their album. You could not find a nicer couple. I really enjoyed working with a couple that knew what they wanted and gave me time to really serve them elegantly!


Had a great time with Meredith. She is a world traveler and travels by herself to third world countries! She WALKED across Spain! It took her 37 days! What an amazing adventurer. This is what I have dedicated my life to is adventure and travel with my camera so we really hit it off. One lovely spirit she is!

Jeannie has been my client since she was a baby. Her parents have faithfully come in with her and her brother and they are now so much family to me. It was an absolute joy to see them again. We got 200 plus astonishing images for her senior portrait!

Sparky came in with her mom to work on creating the ultimate wedding album. They praised me for 30 minutes straight and THAT is my paycheck. The emotional love and bond I have with clients like this is everything to me.
They are so sweet and so full of encouragement for me! It was a joy to do Sparky's wedding and even more of a joy to create a great album for her now!

Met with Jen and Jon tonight. Great couple. Did their wedding in Eau Claire and their whole day was gorgeous. They are boat people and met thru their boat passion. They decided to go ahead with a work of art album, a video and all the images on the disk. They were happy with this and I know they are going to bless all their loved ones with these fun memories!



Had a rip roaring day with Jason and Danielle. This is the most robust and fun loving couple! They embraced their day, their love, everyone around them and each other with gusto. It was a very special honor to be with them.

Everyone loves them so much and we really got a chance to capture that on film.


Busy day! Did fun shots of Khadijia and Latrelle. Hot fashion shots for their senior portraits. Loved working with them.

Then Colin came in. He trains at my old dojo. We had a lot to talk about. I would love to see him do his aikido!

My beloved Ben and Jeralyn came in to go over their wedding. I have so much love for them. They were so sweet to me. They were surprised that I did a video and loved getting it. We promised to see each other again and again. They have been the nicest friends and clients! God bless them!


My first session had sick kids so reschedule. I am like a rancher. Lots of jobs to do. Used the time to do R and D on new albums Sal showed me and a new idea on apps.

My second clients were so nice! Their son is a fantastic baseball player.
Just had to capture that in a cool shot of him. He goes to Roosevelt in Minneapolis MN. Zach is one cool guy!

Took time to study Clarence Johnston and Cass Gilberts work. I am blessed to be a St. Paul person. My work takes me to their cathedrals, mansions and the like. I love to use architectural elements in my work at weddings.

Met with my friend Dan who is hiring me for his 9/13 wedding. We have an amazing story in how we met and someday I will share it. He and his fiance are so sweet and supportive.

Did a 5 hour senior session with Karice. Very intelligent and interesting person. Her mom is a professor so I got to ask her questions about theology I have always wanted answers to. Had a meaningful time together and got great shots. This is one of them.


Had a long, intense wedding day. Couple was great. It was a rainy wedding day but a beautiful one. The couple wanted to be outside and we found a break in the weather. We went to a park with a wedding in progress and then wondered about Rice Park...I said too busy! Too many cars and people all over. So we ended up in a perfect spot and got this Garden of Eden shot!

Did every conceivable kind of photography. One of these shots is pure fine art. The other is photojournalism. To get a feel for my 6 styles....portraits, groupings, commercial, architectural, fine art and photojournalism, go to "view proofs online" and you can see the whole wedding. Most photographers do not like to post their whole shoot. I do. I do not like to show a few lucky shots out of thousands and call myself a photographer. Anyone can get a lucky few. I like to give the client a huge variety of styles and do great images every time I click the camera.

Here are two shots from the same wedding. Look at how different they are. It took me decades to get to this level of photography. I am proud of what I give clients and they are really happy with my work. You have to be on your toes to catch something like this. I was driving 60 miles an hour when I got this shot and shot it thru the windshield.


Got together with my friend Chris. THE most amazing photographer. We have been friends for years. Shared ideas on shooting and really got a lot out of the meeting. He is a dear friend.

Studied with Sal a very savy photographer from another part of the US. I do a lot of what he does and it was validating to take time out to be with him. My goal is to serve my client on an astonishing level. We already do but I want to continue to improve service as well as offerings for creative products my clients will enjoy. I am going to work with Sal on one of a kind wedding albums.

Had awesome senior sessions today. Both moms were in tears they were so happy. That is my goal. I love making clients happy. Abby brought her daughter in for a sweet reunion. I did Abby's wedding in 1993 and I was so thrilled to see her again. We did a 5 hour session with her daughter and got so many amazing images. It was group hug day around here with clients beaming with pride over the images they had obtained from us!


8/18 - 8/21/12
Worked with a mom and daughter for senior portraits on Sat. These two were the most vivacious people I have ever met! I LOVED their enthusiasm and playfulness. It was such a treat to play with them!


Had old clients come back with their 3 month old baby. She was so cute. We did their wedding a while back and it was so wonderful to see them again and greet their new little one. We got an amazing number of shots for this baby being this young!


I did Gary and Jackie's wedding in '92. From day one it has been nothing but hilarious fun with them. Gary is one of a kind. He is like a mini me. We get along so well and love goofing around together. It was such a treat to have them come in today for their sons senior portrait and a family portrait too. We group hugged.

This is such a heartwarming time of year for me. I get to see past clients that have become friends and more. It is a time when many come back to celebrate passages and special moments in their lives. The Danko's have brought their other two daughters in for senior portraits and one for her wedding. Now its Leah's turn. We had a wonderful session. Leah is bright, artistic and playful. She spotted this butterfly and the butterfly posed patiently for us! It was miraculous.
Leah's dad commented in 2005 when he brought his other daughter in for her senior session that he liked my clock in the dressing room. It is a very unique clock that depicts his favorite opera. This time he commented again how much he loved that clock. At the end of the session when we were wrapping things up I mentioned the clock and how I wanted him to have it. It was something he really loved. The whole family was overjoyed and I was too. After all, it is the warm trust and connection between us that means the world to me. Seeing them time and again is what it is all about. I can get a another clock. It will bring me great joy knowing he will have something he treasures from his favorite opera. Plus, the images and the whole experience was very special for me and for them.

I am so lucky to have the Holy Spirit guide me to this profession. It has been truly a gift from God. What a fantastic day!



Had the fun of meeting Pat O'Neill, President of Town and Country GC St. Paul MN. He was of great humor and we hit it off immediately. Must be the Irish in me that connected with the Irish in him. Very easy to work with and get to know.

Had the pleasure of two senior portraits and a family session.
The senior/family was so nice to me. Agreeable in every way. Their son had a 7 string guitar and as a guitarist also we had great conversation about music and such. When clients bring emotional support to me as an artist I seem to really be able to do great things! I really appreciated meeting them and finding new friends in them.

The Cullens came in for senior portraits. So great to see them again. Did their wedding in '98 and have done many portraits of them since. It's like family when they come. They have referred many folks to me and I feel blessed to be their friend. It was so, so great to catch up with them! Their daughter glowed. Her eyes were magic. Wow. What a session!

I really believe in having an assistant at a wedding. I do lighting that makes images pop, we bring a whole studio to the location, we do amazing groupings and totally keep the wedding organized and fun. Theresa was my bride today and has been my awesome assistant for many years. It was so surreal to have her be the bride today. I love her like family and we really had a wonderful day at the Arboretum.

Here is a shot of her and her girls. Thanks, Theresa, for helping so many brides for so many years have the best wedding photography in town. I am so happy to see your happiness with Tim today!


Week of 8/7-10/12
Worked with many great clients this week. Location shoot by the river, cute dog named Leo, cute baby named Palmer, a grad that was soooooo smart and fun to talk to. This is such rewarding work to listen and carefully portray clients in their world. To tell their story. To feel their feelings. To not rush and to be thoughtful. It is an honor to work with them!

Also went to see the work of Rembrandt down at the Institute. The master of all masters. Learned more of his technique and am going to put his energy into my client portraits. Also went to the Mpls Photo Salon and saw some new work that inspired me as well. My work is always with me. I see new ideas everywhere and even dream of them at night.



When I met the bride "Sparky" I knew why everyone called her that. She has such a great personality! We hit it right off.

When I met her fiance Jeff, we got to talking about the outdoor life and really connected.

Their wedding day was a joy. I got great shots and enjoyed being with them. We all had fun!

The Chanhassen is 90,000 square feet of theatrical magic to work with!

Worked with a delightful family that drove all the way in from Sarona, Wisconsin for their session. Had a blast. What a gorgeous family with well behaved kids. I feel like family with them now! I even got to photograph 3 frogs the kids brought. I really look forward to working with them again. I will even drive to them to get them at their home in Wisc.

Also had the great joy of working with a client from a 1998 wedding. They held their gift certificate for 14 years waiting to come in with their more grown up kids. It was so awesome to see them again. We did this shot outside in my country road setting in the back of my studio. They were really impressed with all the great outdoor settings we have.

They saw my cd (I'm a singer/songwriter) and my book "Wild and Wonderful Wedding Day Stories" and bought both. They insisted I autograph both and I was so flattered. We really had fun!


Met with two great wedding clients to help design their album and show them the video I did of their weddings. In both cases had such a good time with them. One of them is going to help me put my book "Wild and Wonderful Wedding Stories" on-line. It's so fun to show videos to clients after the weddings. They already forget so much or were not in a spot to see some part of their day. I strongly believe in capturing a wedding any way I can!

Had a delightful time with my second cousin for her senior portrait. She is a long lost relative and it was so fun to find her to be such a robust and fascinating grown up! She is a really good outdoorsman and we share that passion. I really had fun seeing her and her mom again after all these years!


I have never seen such a joyous wedding as I saw today. The Roberts are such a loving couple and come from an astonishing faith community.
I was inspired. They really touched my heart with their vows and their celebration.

Week of 7/27/12
Did 3 portrait sessions and had a client who has had me do portraits for them book me for their wedding.

I also met with many folks in the bridal industry this week. They all say folks are not investing in quality, service and the hard work small business owners provide. I know this is true.

What will happen is that rookies and internet companies will replace caring professionals and that will be a sad day. I think future clients will regret the loss of folks that work hard to create the ultimate wedding!

Here are some shots from great clients I worked with this week.



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