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I feel very lucky that photography found me decades ago. It has been a fascinating journey!I love people and find each persons story interesting. I was inspired by Charles Kuralt on CBS with his rambling discovery that people everywhere are amazing. Everyone has a story. I do not do this job for a paycheck. My true paycheck is the love and remarks I get back from my clients. Money gets earned and promptly spent. These remarks will be with me forever! They are my true paychecks. Not one of these great clients had to take time to write these things. It was out of the connection we made that was so profound and magical that they came into existence. Thanks to you all and God bless you! Very Sincerely, Steve Rouch

Here are some of our reviews posted on CitySearch:

Had an amazing session with Steve. His secretary really helped me with clothing recommendations and she really asked me a lot of questions to customize the approach to what I wanted. She went over what cost range they are in. The incredible thing about this is that they asked me what I was willing to invest and that was my charge! I had no surprises and I appreciate that. I have been to photographers before and they do not let you know until the end and its easy that way to go over budget. When I got there I was thrilled to see a big, well appointed photo room and a breath taking back lot over looking a lake and a park. Perfect for out door photos. I was impressed with the fact Steve visited with me for a good spell before the shoot. It helped me relax and I could tell he was learning about me. I liked not being rushed. When he told me I could see each picture taken DURING the shoot I was floored. I have been to photographers before where all I could do was wait a week or two and then see my shots for the first time. I was not happy with that method because I had NO say in how the shoot was going and I could not ask to retry some shots to get them perfect. If you can not see yourself you see problems too late to fix. Steve insisted we look at images on a large monitor every 10 minutes. I loved the control I felt with that. NO surprises! I could not believe that I could get the whole disk of all the shots for the price that fit my budget! What a great deal for me. Most photographers make you buy each frame and the costs go thru the roof. Not so with this method. I was offered to see the entire shoot in a movie theatre they have. The images were huge and it made so easy to see instead of looking at a proof or some small images on line. Throughout the session we had great conversation. I felt at the end like I had a new friend. I loved the fact I could walk out of the door with my disk of all images taken. NO waiting! I have shown my family and friends and they loved the variety and creativity of the session. I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone that wants a no rushed, high quality shoot that is affordable and fun. - Tommy C.

Steve took the senior portraits for my older son in 2012, we were so pleased with them that I just had Steve take the senior portraits for my other son. Steve was very welcoming and put my son at ease. He took the time to get to know him a bit before taking pictures. We got some very nice shots. Steve's new studio is in his home, which is adjacent to a lake. We have some lovely outdoor shots, with beautiful fall colors. In addition to being a talented photographer Steve is a truly kind person. -Peggy L.

I'm a 54 year old widow whom found love again. I have my bridal photos on Tuesday, August 23, 2016. Steve made the photo session fun and relaxing. Steve took to the time to make each photo special. My photos exceed my expectation. I have never seen myself looking so beautiful! My photos are not plain photos but a piece of art. -Sally K.

Steve did an AWESOME job with our family pictures and our sons senior pictures. We Would recommend him to everyone that wants FANTASTIC pictures to last forever. -Della B.

This is my second time having my photos taken with Steve Rouch Photography. This occurrence was for my senior photos and before was with my siblings. He really captured my personality in this shoot, with the creative and meaningful photographic insights. Thank you so much Steve for the wonderful memories! -Sara K.

In this Instagram world, a sitting with Steve Rouch Photography is like a sitting with DaVinci. -Kari R.

He saw into my soul. -Belinda Lewis

Extremely friendly, professional atmosphere, and took the time to make it a personalized experience. -Stacy J.

Steve did a great job doing our engagement pictures today! Throughout the shoot he stopped and showed us the pictures in order to get our feedback. -Sarah J.

Steve was wonderful to work with today for our family photo experience. Thank you, cant wait to get some prints. -Alan P.

We had Steve do our daughters senior photo, he does an amazing job. We have a very nice group of pictures. Thanks Steve!!!!!! -Greg D.

This was the most amazing photography experience EVER!! I am so happy with the way these photos turned out!! -Isabelle B.

We enjoyed having our h.s senior's photos done by Steve. This is our third sitting with him as he has photographed our wedding reception and now our senior:)ÉAlways a wonderful job. -Erin B.

I had an amazing session with Steve today for my senior photos. I loved how he started off the session with talking with my family to get to know us, and we could get to know him. It was a pleasure working with him! -Athena N.

We had a lovely family photo session with Steve today. We especially appreciated starting out the session with individual photos so everyone could warm up to the camera. It was also great to be able to view the photos immediately so we could adjust and make changes if we didn't care for a certain pose. -Mary C.

Steve did a great job with my very shy daughter's senior portraits. We'll have a difficult time choosing which to print! - Julianne A.

Had a great session with the family today. Steve does amazing things with light, and my daughter never looked more amazing! Brian G.

He did my sisters wedding 12 years ago and we went back to him on July 18. He does a great job. Aster C.

I had a great experience with Steve for a mother-daughter portrait. He is a pleasure to work with and captured a lot of great photos for us to choose from! -Rose C.

Steve is a gifted photographer and his work is proof of that! -Sara P.

We were so pleased with our daughter's senior pictures from 2011 that we returned today to have Steve photograph our son. Steve put our camera-shy senior at ease and produced some really great shots. No need for dramatic venues and props. Just great, classic pictures which will stand the test of time. Steve even photographed my son with his sister to give us some terrific sibling photos. In addition to being a talented photographer Steve is a truly nice man. He's kind and patient. We have photos I'll cherish. -Suzanne H.

Used this photographer 25 years ago and again this year. He's done a great job with our photos and their customer service is wonderful! N.M.

Steve did a great job capturing our family! We had fun and got lots of fantastic pictures of our son and us too! -Heather L.

Steve Rouch = fantastic, highly skilled photographer - resulting in radiant, memorable photos that we will cherish forever. I'm so glad that I found him. He took amazing photos of my parents and daughter. There's no substitute for experience - he truly has an artist's eye. We will definitely return to him. He had an array of flexible packages with very reasonable prices. So pleased!! He's very friendly and helped everyone relax and enjoy the process. -Marian S.

This was soooooo much fun. I've never seen my daughter enjoy getting her pictures so much. Steve made the whole experience wonderful for our entire family. The family photos he took were so nice. My husband and I haven't had a professional picture since we were married. Steve you have such a wonderful way about you. And you sing beautifully! I have called the online school my daughter goes to and told them that if anyone was needing a photographer, look no farther than you. When my family saw the pictures they were completely impressed with them. Thank you so much Steve, we had such a great experience and the photos are just beautiful. I will continue to speak praises of you name and talent. -Linda W.

Steve was very good at finding an interest of mine so that we could talk about something when he was setting up different props. He also was really welcoming and informative about how and what was going to happen. -Nick M.

Steve is a great artist and has a magic touch. We were impressed in every way by his dedication and skill. We needed someone who could bring out the best from a reluctant subject ( our son ). Steve delivered. Thanks Again. -Bob R.

Steve let us know that when we do our engagement photos, we should think about what defines us as a couple. After we thought about it. . .we knew the answer. The kids and the cat. We spent Saturday afternoon with Steve; the 4 of us and the cat, SugarRay He let SugarRay roam the office and check everything out. He made everyone feel at ease which brought out the best smiles in everyone. The photo's were amazing. This was a first for us to do photos as a family. I didn't know we all looked that good. -Kristine K.

Our family's Saturday afternoon with Steve was a delightful way for us to share our smiles and laughter in the production of memories. -Summer B.

Steve was wonderful to work with, and our family photos are truly works of art. We couldn't be more pleased! -Beth R.

Steve did our engagement and wedding photos ten years ago and we absolutely loved them! Fast forward ten years and 2 kids which he just did another amazing job of capturing tonight. We cannot say enough fantastic things about his artistry, his personal demeanor and the amazing experience. The best testimony I can give is that when he showed us a slide show of all our photos tonight, I had tears running down my face. He just did a beautiful job! We will be going back again and I guarantee we won't wait 10 years! -Seless R.

I can not thank Steve enough for the amazing job he did on our wedding and pictures. I also loved the help he gave us every step of the way. We were impressed from the start when we got to Steve's studio. A real studio that felt very professional. Steve was laid back and listened to our needs. He offered great suggestions that made a big improvement in our day. We loved the fact that he was so organized and had so many tips and helpful ideas for us to use. The day of he brought an assistant and a studio to our location so we could get really great portraits of my mom, his parents and grandparents. The images looked like paintings. He brought a monitor so we could see his shots as they were taken! This made all of us more at ease seeing the way the shots were turning out..We loved how he made all of use look better than the naked eye. His groupings really helped with that. We loved his humor. He had everyone laughing and enjoying the day much more. He also created some shots that were so unique. I have gotten a lot of compliments from friends and family on how awesome the pictures turned out and what a fun day Steve seemed to create for us. We were so tempted to hire a friend getting into the business and thank God we did not. What a great photographer!

Steve Rouch took our photos with our black lab Astro and was great at getting Astro to pay attention to the camera. Steve was so relaxed with Astro roaming around the studio to settle down and allowing Astro to explore that it created a perfect environment for great poses. He is great working with your family pet. -Tim G.

Steve and Marsha did an amazing job with my son, I know it can't be easy taking pictures of a busy 2 1/2 year old who is into everything... but you worked with HIM and made it look AMAZING. Love the work you do!!!! -Beth K.

Steve Rouch took our family portraits last week and we all had a wonderful experience. He is effective, professional, and always listens to the wants and needs of his clients. Also, he is fantastic with animals - we ended up getting great shots of our dog. -John S.

Steve did our wedding pictures over 20 years ago and had a great time doing recent photos of our family. Would strongly recommend him. -Floyd K.

We had a great experience with Steve and his wife Marsha. They started out by making us feel at home and comfortable in their studio. Steve took a lot of time, was very patient and creative with our family in making many beautiful photos. We were happy to be able to take home our photos right away and look forward to finishing and printing our final choices. -Jean L.

Had a wonderful experience today at Steve Rouch Photography! It was our second time in the studio and will be returning. Thank you for providing a relaxing and fun environment! -Angie W.

Our entire family went today and had a wonderful experience. Relaxing, fun, and great photos. We had four separate families, two grandparents, six grandkids, and four couples. Steve offered suggestions and listened to our opinions. We ended up with a DVD full of every combination we requested. We are very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend Steve! -Krista O.

We had a wonderful experience today with Steve Rouch Photography. Great photos and a relaxed, fun atmosphere. -Jon S.

Our four family photo shoot was fun and successful with great results. -Alan S.

It is my mom's 89th birthday today. I wanted to go see her but she was all booked up with tons of friends. Talk about being vital and alive at an advanced age! Wow. I am grateful for her. She is why I am an artist today. I followed her example and my grandpa's example of finding wonder and beauty every where I look. I see amazing things in each person I meet. They taught me to see beauty everywhere. Thanks mom and grandpa!

Originally I wanted to be a minister. The job looked overwhelming as I looked closely so I went on to other things. I was led by the invisible hand to photography. I did not realize this at first but now I know for a fact that my photography has been another form of being a minister. Here is what I mean.

I try to really know my clients before I work with them. We will chat for ½ hr before one click of the camera. Today a lady came in that had battled depression. She came in for a glamour session. I really had a great chat with her before we started. We both realized how great this session could be for her self esteem and to reclaim her happiness as a human. The session went great and we got a lot of wonderful images. I am convinced this “ministering” with a camera is the best form of cheap therapy you can get. I love showing clients how beautiful they are when they themselves do not think that way about themselves. It was a great day and a blessing for both of us to have this healing session.

Age and portraiture ... thoughts from Steve Rouch:

I have noticed that the older my clients are the more they value classical portraiture.>

Simply put it is because of two reasons. One is change. They have experienced change in their life and live in an astonished state as people, places and things come and go. As the Fiddler on the Roof says....”seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers blossoming even as we gaze”. With change comes loss, something younger folks do not deal with much. As we age we turn endless possibilities into memories of what really happened in our lives. The second force is memories. The older you get, the more life is about memories about what happened and less about dreams about what will happen.

If nothing changed on Earth I would be out of a job instantly.

Since we all age it is prudent to literally invest in memories. The higher quality the better. Selfies are ok but if that is all you have down the trail I believe you will regret it.

That is where I come in. I am a Master photographer. That means I can make you very happy. You do not have to worry about a shoot not to your liking. I have figured out exactly how to make anyone serious about owning great photography happy......guaranteed. I use a large monitor and show clients their images every 10 minutes. I keep clients in charge of what I do so there is no way you end up unhappy with what we create together as a team.

I also have a “you name your price” policy so clients do not go overboard with their investments.

Clients LOVE this. It is easy to get carried away with your investment because the images are so good. 

I offer a way for you to keep all the images, on a disk, copyright released at YOUR price. Please ask about this. Its so fun!

Don't let selfies overtake your memories. They serve their purpose but classical portraiture really knocks clients out. They love well lit, clear, color coordinated and imaginative images. I hope I get a chance to serve you!- Steve

I was delighted to receive this letter from a  recent client the other day.  We have been researching for years how to make each client have a guaranteed great session every time. I was impressed at how articulate this client was about her experience. I just wanted to share these comments in this blog. "Had an amazing session with Steve. His secretary really helped me with clothing recommendations and she really asked me a lot of questions to customize the approach to what I wanted. She went over what cost range they are in. The incredible thing about this is that they asked me what I was willing to invest and that was my charge! I had no surprises and I appreciate that. I have been to photographers before and they do not let you know until the end and its easy that way to go over budget."

When I got there I was thrilled to see a big, well appointed photo room and a breathtaking back lot over looking a lake and a park. Perfect for outdoor photos. I was impressed with the fact Steve visited with me for a good spell before the shoot. It helped me relax and I could tell he was learning about me. I liked not being rushed. When he told me I could see each picture taken DURING the shoot I was floored. I have been to photographers before where all I could do was wait a week or two and then see my shots for the first time. I was not happy with that method because I had NO say in how the shoot was going and I could not ask to retry some shots to get them perfect. If you can not see yourself you see problems too late to fix. Steve insisted we look at images on a large monitor every 10 minutes. I loved the control I felt with that. NO surprises! I could not believe that I could get the whole disk of all the shots for the price that fit my budget! What a great deal for me. Most photographers make you buy each frame and the costs go thru the roof. Not so with this method. I was offered to see the entire shoot in a movie theatre they have. The images were huge and it made it so easy to see instead of looking at a proof or some small images on line.

Throughout the session we had great conversation. I felt at the end like I had a new friend. I loved the fact I could walk out of the door with my disk of all images taken. NO waiting! I have shown my family and friends and they loved the variety and creativity of the session. I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone that wants a no rushed, high quality shoot that is affordable and fun. -Paulette S.

I have taken a long hiatus from blogging, but now I am back. I have noticed a real shift in how clients value professional photography. I know it is due to everyone having a phone and being sold on not needing a photographer anymore. I think this is a mistake. Sometimes you need someone with a fresh eye and lots of experience to show you yourself. Why risk having the longest lasting possession be selfies or snapshots? Having lost a number of people close to me this year it has become clear to me how valuable portraits are. Time and again this year crowds of loved ones at memorials gasp when they see images from long ago. The old saying goes "portraits remember long after our minds have forgotten". As the famous portrait photographer Peckman said "portraits are the only thing we have that will never wear out, rust out or get thrown away."

A key factor to this photo debacle is lack of patience. You have to have patience to truly value a portrait. It may look good today but I promise it will look great tomorrow and astonishing 30 years from now.

Find a truly experienced pro to do your portraits. Friends and relatives and people just starting out don't count. Thanks.


Creating graduation portraits is my favorite type of photography.
I have done over 6,000 portraits in my career and have learned a lot along the way. I have studied with Ansel Adams and many of the great American photographic Masters of the day.

I broke ranks with all other photographers many years ago to create a far superior senior portrait session.

Here is how...
1. I show each senior their picture on a large monitor DURING the session. Every 10 minutes you can see yourself and if you see things we need to fix we do it on the spot! It is so helpful for clients to clearly see themselves so we can adjust your posture, your hair, your smile and countless other things that can ruin a portrait if not captured perfectly! NO ONE else does this in town.
2. I have the most unique ideas you have NEVER seen! I dream up my own shots. Your pictures won't look like anyone else's shots because I do not copy anyone else. I am not showing those ideas in this email because photographers are copy cats. If you want unique along with traditional, then I am your guy.
3. My prices are the same as the ones I had 20 years ago only this time around we include a lot more than back then. Affordable!
4. I have $30,000 worth of lighting, props and backdrops to create almost any image concept we can dream up together.
5. I show your images on a 6' movie screen at the end so you can clearly see the images and won't get unhappy surprises going from small proofs to big pictures like other photographers do.
6. I am located now in Woodbury! The studio is on a 50 acre park with a lake on our property! We LOVE going outside and have great rustic backgrounds to offer you.
7. I am a very playful person. I love to spend time with each senior to get to know you. I offer a 3 hour session we have time to chat and thoughtfully create 100-200 amazing images. No rush and no worries!

We LOVE it when the family and pets come too. Feel free to join us in the session and we will do some family portraits too! Props and personal items that tell your story are welcomed. Let's create art for the ages! AVOID the disappointment of selfies and pictures friends take. Why not have an incredible session especially when it is so affordable!

Right now we are having a special that is amazing.
$59 for a 3 hour session
Unlimited clothing changes
Black and white shots taken
Bring family and we will photograph them too
Includes 3 - 8x10's
Digital access to all images
Clothing and portrait consultation prior to the shoot

This offer is good while time slots last.
We are already getting booked solid for dates
Call now to schedule anytime this Summer or Fall!

*Read our reviews on Google, Facebook and CitySearch to find out what others are saying. Clients LOVE the session and are amazed with the quality!








There is nothing like working with a Master Photographer. Less than 1% of the photographers in the world achieve this goal. It is your assurance of a perfect job. Your session will be painless, fun and fast. You walk out with the disk the day of the session. As a Master Photographer I have been trained to make folks look younger, thinner and tanner than ever before. You won't believe your eyes! One unique way you make sure I did the right job is to view my large monitor as the session progresses so you can see the shots as they are taken. If they are not to your liking we will do a quick reshoot and get it perfect! No other photographer in the area uses this monitor so you have no idea how you look until it is too late a week later!

Do not let "selfies" or snap shots define your reputation and expertise!
I have $30,000 worth of backdrops, props and other gear to create almost any look you may desire. I have a gorgeous studio on a 50 acre park with a lake in back if you want outdoor images. For big groups we will come to your location with our portable studio and get your whole staff looking professional for your web site and print ads.No one would ever go to a job interview with T shirt and cut offs on. It is so tempting to do selfies or have a friend shoot something for LinkedIn and your web site. Below see the difference. The old saying goes "just because you can does not mean you should". I offer quick,painless and cost effective solutions for the head shot that will land you that next job, that next promotion or the next adventure in your life.

The portrait comparison above is of my friend Dennis Nietz. We have worked together for a number of years on projects. I totally recommend Dennis Nietz as a great business coach. He has a lot of many great ideas. I can not say enough about Dennis. He is a great guy and wonderful to work with as a business coach! Steve Rouch
(Give Dennis a call at 651-775-5908) "The easiest thing to say is that Steve is a gifted photographer, and human being. What strikes me most about him, however, is how he sees the ideas and how he captures its images. And that's what sets him apart... he doesn't just capture 'the shot,' he captures 'the experience'." He has set the benchmark by which to measure all other professional photographers." ~Dennis Nietz

We live in a world of media! Without the right image of your company, competitors will steal business if they are more media savy....
Let Master Photographer Steve Rouch help create professional images for your business. Affordable, creative, and prompt!


I have been doing a lot of head shots these days because clients are finally realizing that a selfie or a friend with a camera is not good enough to represent your "brand" as an executive. No one would ever show up for a job interview in T shirt and cut offs. Why would a person represent themselves with a snap shot for all the world to see? Having the right collection of headshots can mean getting that job, that promotion, getting into that internship or college.
My headshots are quick, painless, fun and affordable. I use a monitor so you can see the shots and if they are not to your liking you are not "stuck" with bad pictures. We can go back and shoot more and actually shoot to perfection! Please give me a call and let me help you look younger, thinner and tanner than ever before.


I met Steve 13 years ago when we interviewed him for our wedding photography. We loved his work but he did not carry a certain wedding album style we really wanted so we went with a different photographer that carried that album. We also went with this other photographer because he was someone we knew thru a friend of a friend.
After the wedding we realized what a horrible mistake we had made! The idea that all photographers are created equal is not remotely true! The wedding pictures we received were nothing like we saw with SteveÕs work and it was devastating to be so disappointed! To this day I am heart sick about this terrible mistake that we made. I do not think this awful feeling will ever go away. I do know that we do not want to look at our wedding photos and now that is a loss for our two boys. They will never see mom and dadÕs wedding they way we remember it.
I had the pleasure of hiring Steve recently for a family portrait. He captured the essence of our family with such ease and fun! Our two boys had a ball and he had a way of keeping them focused and entertained while he captured their playful spirits! I related this story to him when we came in and at least now we have images that we are thrilled with. I know how overwhelming it is being a bride to be. It is easy to want to cut corners with so many priorities. I urge you as a bride to be to really consider not hiring a friend or someone that is just starting out in this business! Hire experience and artistry. You will never have to have the regrets that haunt us to this day. I recommend Steve. He is fun, efficient, artistic and truly affordable. You wonÕt regret working with Steve! - Shelly Auldrich


Your image is your brand. It is amazing looking at LinkedIn headshots and seeing selfies and poorly done images. Would anyone ever show up to an important interview
in torn up old clothes? Then why would someone have very important head shots representing them that are less than totally professional?

I have been very busy doing executive head shots and head shots for all kinds of working folks. I am having companies hire me to do head shots for their entire set of employees. Its been exciting!

I recommend a great head shot. I have just about any look you can imagine to make your presentation lead you to limitless success!


Congratulations on your happy engagement!
I will be brief. You must be very busy!
I know the excitement of your wedding planning must be overwhelming.
I have a simple message. Your entire wedding day, with all the investment and planning, rests on the shoulders of your wedding photographer. The day after your wedding everything and everyone will disappear. All you have left are your pictures.
If you are anything like me these days I trust friends a lot more than some &ldquoexpert&ldquo. Every day, the news if filled with scandals and horror stories that make trusting anyone I do not know harder and harder to do.
In the case of wedding photography I can&ldquot say enough about hiring an expert even if you do not know them initially as a friend. Wedding photography is a complicated art form that requires lots of different kinds of skills. Imagine having the sadness of seeing your wedding images and not liking them one bit! Your day is gone and your images do not transport you back to that magic day. How awful!
My name is Steve Rouch. I have done over 2,000 weddings in my career. If you ask around lots of folks you know have used me and had a great experience and love their pictures. The glory days of wedding packages costing up to $7,000 is over. I remember them well. Clients gladly paid me that much and were happy to do so.
I realize we are in a new economy. That is why I am offering my same great work for a fraction of the investment. Today you can hire me to do your wedding for just $999 and YOU keep the disk so you can make endless copies! You would never owe me another dime.
I constantly hear stories as I shoot weddings from past brides I did not work with about how sad there are about terrible wedding images they received from their photographer. When they see me in action they see the difference.
I would love to help you if you are interested. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email.
I would truly love to thrill you with my skills. It is a joy for me to show the wedding day to a couple in a truly unique fashion.
Steve Rouch Master of photography 651-644-2184


It has been a busy season of portraits with the Holidays. I even did a session on Christmas Eve. Lots of kids back from college and reunions that begged getting a nice family portrait. Our new studio is working out very well and clients are impressed and very much loving the experience. I am grateful for wonderful clients and the ability to bring them joy and happiness with one of their most prized possession. We are really having a ball!



"Steve really captured the girls' personalities in the pictures. I love some of the sequences. In those sequences are some pictures we would not print to put on our walls, but which add a great "story" when seen with the other pictures. Thank you again, and particularly thank you for helping us get the DVDs in time for Christmas gifts. It is a great gift to me to be able to watch their faces when they see the pictures for the first time." - Mary B.



It has been a very busy portrait season at our studio. Now that we are on a 50 acre park clients are loving the outdoor images as much as the indoor. We are getting rave reviews. This is a time of year for gratitude and I am so grateful for my skills to provide clients with heirloom memories that make them happy forever!

Here is my blog on weddings and what we are doing that is so unique.

Our wedding package includes an expert Master photographer. That means extreme quality and no worries about how things will turn out. Most photographers try to sell you on tons of hours or lots of photographers to make up for their lack of skill.

We bring a studio to do great headshots instead of just having whatever as a backdrop. As a Master I know how to make people look younger, thinner and tanner. Folks LOVE this. I am the only photographer in town that brings a monitor to the location. You can clearly see on a big monitor how the shots are looking NOW so you can redirect us now so we can shoot to perfection. The only other way this is done is midlevel. You see the shots a week or a month later and if you do not like what you see then what? I shoot 6 styles of photography instead of one.

Photojournalism to show the excitement of the day.
Commercial to show the tiny details of rings and other tiny ornate decorations.
Architectural to show dramatic leading lines and framed images that make stunning shots
Groupings instead of lining groups up like bowling pins. You can clearly see faces.
Fine art so you have a collection of images that are endlessly intriguing to you and yours.
Portraiture so you have very flattering portrayals of loved ones. Elders LOVE this.

I am dependable, organized, playful and fun.
No matter what happens on your day I can help you thru it and make lemonade out of lemons.

My package includes a 3 hour time donation to do the absolute most creative and best engagement
Images in town. Ask for details. This is done on another day before your wedding.

There are two parts of the wedding day.
The first part you have a ton of people to organize, charm and elegantly photograph. This is usually the first 4 hours of your day. You need a total expert for this part of your day.
The second part of the day is the reception. Dozens of cameras will record all that happens that second part of your day. You can have an expert there but you do not need one because there are already too many people shooting.

People make the mistake of wanting the same photographer for the whole day.
I say hire the expert for when they are truly needed and then hire that friend for the rest of it.
That way you know you are going to get amazing results from the expert. Your friend can get the same shots many others will get the rest of the day so that is covered too.

For my money I would hire an expert for anything in this world that lasts forever. Whether that is a doctor, a lawyer or an airline pilot. That goes for photographers too.
Before the glut of untrained “photographers” came into the market with their new digital camera my wedding packages went from $3,000 to $8,000.
I made a drastic price reduction so you could get world class results on a tight budget. I will even include my strategy on how to reduce the cost of your whole wedding by $7,000! Can any other photography make that claim?

Now you can have an expert that everyone knows and respects for only $999. I can bring a second shooter along for this price if you wish but do not let that be a deciding factor. An expert is worth 10 rookies.
The 999 covers the critical first 4 hours of your day. Yes there are lots of folks that can do something longer or cheaper. I humbly offer the experience I gained from doing 2,000 weddings. I am totally convinced that what I offer is far superior for what I see out there.

I want to help you and make your day very special.

Here is my blog on portraits and how we do things in such a unique way.

Thanks for reaching out to us about your portrait needs!

We do many things different than any other studio in town.

We offer time. Our sessions can be up to 3 hours long so you do not feel rushed.
That is important! That gives us time to get to know you so we can truly do the best possible job and learn about your hopes and concerns before we jump right in. This helps us be thoughtful so we can create the perfect session for you.

We use a huge monitor so you can see the images clearly every 5-10 minutes during the session. That way we can catch anything that is not to your liking.
Any other photographer would show the the images a week or a month after the shoot. What if you do not like the pictures? It is too late when you work with that Medieval system.

We do not show proofs or images on line. They are too small to see. We show them on a 6’ screen so you can clearly make sure the images are to your liking.
If you blow something up there are lots of surprises. If you blow something down there are no surprises!

We do not edit. Why should we take away images you may value? We want you to see everything.

We help with clothing ideas. This is super important. Clothes can make or break a session.

We have a world class studio. Anything you can imagine we have for lighting effects, backdrops, props etc. Most photographers do not even have a studio.
We have a gorgeous one!
Our studio overlooks a lake and a 50 acre park so we can do amazing outdoor photography as well.
Experience. I have studied with Ansel Adams and all the great Masters of photography. I know how to make a person look younger, thinner and tanner!
I have done 6,000 portraits so I can handle anything.

Price? During that lavish times of America 1985-2008 (Wall Street crash) our clients invested between $2,000-8,000 on their portraits with us. We realize this is a different season of American culture. Now our clients receive far more than back in the day and can expect to invest between $200-800!

We love questions. We are playful! This can be a totally joyous experience and one you will cherish forever. Please feel free to call us and let us find out how to best help you!

I want to help you and make your day very special.



It has been a busy season at the studio. We are now in our new location and clients are amazed and delighted. The other day clients watched 6 deer walking around the grounds by the lake through a huge picture window. They loved it!

I have blessed with babies, dogs,seniors, wedding and engagement couples, business portraits and other great couples and families. One of my first shoots at the new location was a family of 15. I have every backdrop, style of lighting and effect anyone could ask for. We take the time to really listen to each client so they can get me up to speed on what they want and then I keep them firmly in control of the session from that point forward. I live to make others happy and this has been such a rewarding journey for me.

Here are some recent images. Sorry I have not kept up. I am blessed with a busy schedule of great clients!

What is the real meaning of photography?

Photography is more than an image on a piece of paper or an electronic image

Can you imagine a world without it?

Think of the responsibility you have to those that are elders and want nothing more than great images of are their world.
Also think of the responsibility to those that are not yet born who will crave any information about you when you are their elders. These images are your heritage and theirs.


Memory insurance
Influence others
Preserve your heritage
Impress friends and relatives
Give you pride of owning something totally unique
Helps you bestow meaningful gifts
Gives you joy
It is a future gift to your future self
Increase your self esteem

You entire wedding day is in the hands of your photographer. The right photographer can help you see your wedding day more clearly and help you see moments that would have otherwise slipped away. All the money you are investing in your wedding is in the hands of the photographer since all those other things will disappear the day after the wedding.

The day after your wedding

the cake will be gone
the dress will be in storage
the flowers will be wilted
the guests are back home
the candles have melted

and hopefully your photography will be blossoming with joy and happiness for a lifetime and beyond.

(do not hire a once in a while photographer for a once in a lifetime wedding)

Wedding tip: Use seasonal weddings to your advantage.

Did you realize that there are only 25 days a year that are "in season" in weddings?
Those dates would be Saturdays May-October. The rest of those dates are NOT in season.
What does that mean for you? DISCOUNT! Always ask for a discount from every vendor if your date is not "in season." You may not have picked a date yet. Strongly consider having your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday during warm months or whatever day you choose in the colder months. There is a fierce competition among vendors for your business and some are more willing than others to give discounts. You can literally save thousands on your wedding using this strategy by working with vendors that will discount.

I have a great book called Wild and Wonderful Wedding Day Stories. It has interesting stories about the things I have seen at weddings. Some stories will give ideas on how to avoid problems at your wedding. In the back of the book I have tips from A-Z on how to save thousands on your wedding. I have 10 copies reserved for free for anyone that emails me and asks for a copy. There is no charge and I not asking for anything in return. I just want to help you with your wedding day journey!

Email me at or give us a call at 651-644-2184

Have a great one!

“Practice makes perfect”

This is a concept that may help you determine who you want to hire for vendors at your wedding.

by Sully Sullenberger

(The heroic pilot that landed a plane full of passengers on the Hudson River a few years ago in Manhattan. His experience was the difference).

“I have 19,700 hours of flight time now. Back when I had 2,000 hours I knew a lot of things, but I did not possess the depth of understanding I have now. Since then I have sharpened my skills and learned from many situations that tested and taught me. Regional airlines will take someone with 200 hours of flight experience and make them a first officer. These new pilots have exceptional training but it takes time to fully master the art and science of flying a commercial jet.” Sully Sullenberger

The same is true of something complex like wedding photography. Both airline pilots and wedding photographers have a zero tolerance job where you can not make a mistake. Not ever. I look for a little gray on the temple of the pilots that are in the cockpit of the planes I am boarding. I want that experience.

Let friends take pictures around the real pro photographer if you want but have a true pro with 20,000 hours under their belt that can handle any situation and create lemon aide out of the lemons that are so abundant on a wedding day.

Why not look for that experience in all your wedding vendors? Make your wedding day a truly perfect one!

I have been really busy with portraits and some weddings too. Clients are appreciating the vast difference between what they can do with their cameras and what comes out of mine. They are thrilled with the results, how we paint with light, capture emotion, make reluctant subjects smile and create breath taking art.

After 24 years in our present studio we are moving to Woodbury. Our new studio will feature a location that is on a 50- acre park with a lake on the property. Its going to be amazing! We are so richly blessed. Our phone number will remain the same. We would love to hear from you or better yet, create images for the ages with you!

Wedding Tip #16

Continuing on with the concept that stress can ruin your wedding day and the planning before can be so hard I wanted to offer 10 more stress tips.

11. Have a sanctuary in your home where you can be alone and relax.
12. Have a time with loved ones that is all positive. A time without demands or negativity.
13. Avoid overspending to feel better. Debt will stress you out!
14. Set priorities. Divide tasks into essential, important and trivial. Throw out trivial.
15. Organize your time. Be selective about the activities you are involved in.
16. Touch people you love. A gentle touch has the opposite effect of stress. It slows the heart rate and breathing. It reduces muscle tension and calms you.
17. Chose fight or flight. Don't be afraid to express your feelings. Choose your arguments and walk away from things that are not worth the hassle.
18. Get enough sleep! Listen to your body.
19. Learn breathing to reduce stress. Inhale 1234, exhale 1234.
20. If you can not fight or flight then FLOW!

My hope is that these ideas will help you during the stress of wedding planning and the actual day.I wish you all the best!

Wedding Tip # 15

I see a lot of mismatch looks with brides. Here is what I mean. Lets face it, as humans we all have our own body types. Each one is beautiful to me in its own way. Using accessories to help with body types for brides can be a very beneficial thing.

If you are a bigger, plus-size bride, think about getting a bigger bouquet. Hold it at your waist line. Like magic, that bouquet hides your midsection and is more proportional to you if you are a bigger person. Conversely, I see smaller brides with huge bouquets that dwarf the bride and do not go with her body type. Try to pick a bouquet that goes with your body type!

Another idea is that you may want to consider getting a custom made shawl if you are a bigger bride. You can get one to match your dress. For some reason, most bridal dresses arestrapless and if you are a plus-size bride, your bigger shoulders, arms and back are going to show, and you may not like the result in photographs. I do not see bridal salons offering these shawls but they would go a long way to creating the beauty and elegance that every bride wants to achieve. The shawl will bring the eye back up to the face so guests can see how gorgeous you are, and that's what every bride really wants.

I have mentioned this before, but also consider some really orthopedic tennis shoes for your foot wear. You will be on your feet a long time and since your shoes do not show why not take it easy on yourself with this simple idea. I can not tell you how many brides complain about their aching feet at their wedding.

One final idea is that I have seen bridal dresses with a detachable train. What a great idea! That way as the evening progresses you can not have this huge part of your dress weighing you down when you are trying to dance and have fun.

Please do not get offended by these ideas. I mean no harm and am not trying to insult anyone. Every bride is a gorgeous creature. I really care how you look and feel because that will dramatically effect how your entire wedding day goes.

Wedding Tip #14

Getting the big picture on your wedding plans.

I think having a budget is the new norm for all of life including weddings.
I am sure you must be working on one.

An economist would look at your wedding to break down cost per usage.
With a wedding there are a lot of one day items that are here today and now here tomorrow.

Here is what I mean...Lets say this is your budget.

Item- Per day cost

Dress- $1,000
Cake- $200
DJ- $600
Limo- $300
Food- $3,000
Reception- $2,000
Ice sculpture- $200
Decorations- $500
Flowers- $1,000

Photography- 12 cents a day!

Obviously this is a rough sketch. My point is that things that last forever are also logically the LEAST expensive thing you will ever invest in.

I have a free report I can email you on how to make the cost of ANY photographer go down to ZERO. I know that sounds crazy but I am serious. You do not have to book me. I will not bug you if you ask for the report. Just let me know you are interested and I will send it to you asap! I am always up for a phone or personal consultation. My number is 651-644-2184 and my email is

I am happy to be part of your team to help you achieve your wedding dream!


It has been a busy late Summer season. It has been joyful to meet new clients and have them become friends thru the experience. Yesterday did a wedding at Majestic Oaks. I recommend this place. They are really on it. Very professional. The brides mom hugged me and said "Steve, you belong to us! We absolutely love your work"! That meant the world to me. I really believe in doing the best work always. I can not live with the regret of not trying my best in each situation. It is so rewarding to see happy tears when clients see the work we created together as a team.


Wedding Tip #13

Bridal shows.

I have mixed feelings about bridal shows. I have done them for years and have recently decided to sit a few out.
Here is why. In a lot of categories there are way too many vendors. This is because it is easy to sell as many booths as possible in certain categories with out any regard to you the bride.The people that run the shows love this because they make lots of money off of each vendor regardless of how they stack them into the show. Do you really need to see 35 DJ companies, 35 photographers and 35 caterers? The other problem is that I see totally new people in the booths from companies I have never heard of before. They are brand new to the business and are ripe to commit all kinds of rookie mistakes at your wedding. Between the internet and bridal shows someone with very little experience can look very professional and legitimate. I highly doubt that is the case. I do not want to sound too critical here but I know how many mistakes I made the first 10 years. It takes a long time to become an expert in any field and I assume most couples want top notch service and product for the high price they are paying. There is a huge difference between great presentation and great content.

From one show to the next I do not see the same vendors. There is a merry go round on the turn style of this industry. Here today and gone tomorrow. Hopefully that does not mean you are going to put your faith and money down and have bad service or no service if the vendor in question does not stay in business long enough to service your wedding. I see that happen all the time.

Suggestion. I urge you to ask vendors about other vendors. Major bridal shops that have been around a long time can refer. Do not get fooled by a slick web site or bridal show booth. I would be happy to give opinions on vendors if you want that second opinion.

Remember that I have a FREE audio report on how to get a great wedding from all your vendors at a much reduced price. You have no obligation when you email me your address for me to mail this to you. If you are not interested in more from me I will not contact you. Just want to help you on your journey!

Here is wedding tip #12

Limo Drivers

This may not seem like much of a topic but it is critical to your wedding day being a success.
It is amazing to me how many weddings I have seen nearly ruined by the limo drivers.
There are three reasons for this.
1. The limo driver is late to pick you up at the wedding location after the wedding.
2. The limo driver has little knowledge of the city and gets lost or takes forever to get to a destination because they do not know where they are going.
3. The limo drivers vehicle breaks down and they have no idea how to fix even simple problems on a vehicle.

Can you imagine being on cloud #9 when you leave the site of your wedding only to be stranded? I have seen drivers severely late and it throws that whole happy feeling away
as fun bar hoping, park shoots and even dinner are delayed or skipped because of the driver. It is also insane to see a bus load of a happy bridal party lost because the limo driver has no idea how to efficiently get to the next location. I also would think limos are well maintained so they do not break down. You would think that the driver would have some knowledge about mechanics in case there is a problem. It is sad when the bridal party has to roll up sleeves and get under the hood because the driver had no clue how to fix a problem.

Suggestion. Like I said in the last tip ask other wedding vendors for referrals of limo drivers or for that matter for all vendors. They can give you the inside straight so you do not end up on the side of a highway on your wedding day waiting for help. I also would ask the limo company upfront what their policy is in regards to these issues so you know up front how to avoid these problems.

A foot note to all of this is that you can rent a really fancy car for a whole weekend for the price of a short limo ride. Why not have a Cadillac for the weekend to tool around in?

Make sure you have an experienced limo driver that is a mechanic and is driving a well maintained vehicle. Also make sure they know locations of parks or bars you are going to visit.

Finally, make sure you are dealing with a company with a long track record and a great reputation. It is hard to believe a limo driver can wreck a day but I have seen it happen.

Wedding Tip #11

Hire friends or pros? What to do for your wedding?!

We all face this question. I recently wanted to fix a few things on my house. Yes I have friends that do that on the side. I love being with my friends and trust them. However
what bothers me is that what I needed done needed expertise. My friends will always say they are experts but none of them did this work full time, had formal training and also
I worried about the work ethic as well. I have had friends because we are friends not be on time, not finish what they started, not do the job right and other awkward moments.

The problem becomes friendship vs. getting a great job done. My solution was to call my hardware store and ask for recommendations. I wanted people that have made a full time living being experts in what I needed done. Someone with long term experience
offers me the security that if they have been around that long they must be doing a lot of things right. Other clients voted with hard earned dollars to keep them around.

The other thing about hiring a pro vs a friend is that if things go wrong I can be assertive with that pro where as a friend might get miffed and it could ruin our friendship. These days customers can literally destroy a business if they want to and pros feel that challenge every day and it makes them work that much harder to please the client. Friends usually have no established name in the business, have no stake in any client satisfaction and may really be offended if they are redirected by me.

I really rely on referrals. In the case of a wedding ask other vendors what they think of the pro you are considering hiring. They may have recommendations. Bridal shops are great because they hear feedback and can refer.

The ironic thing about my story is that referred vendors that I have used have become friends. Not like best buddy but we have a nice friendship. I like having that boundary
so that I am not caught up with a friend and now stuck not getting what I want and afraid to hurt their feelings.

My projects have come out perfectly. There is such a difference working with a pro. Good ones are on time, respectful, get the job done quickly and perfectly. These days with the economy you can ask for a deal with a pro and sometimes get the pro job done
for what you friend was asking anyway.

These are just my opinions but I hope they help you hire the perfect person for the various roles of your wedding day!

Sittings I've done recently:

Got the opportunity to work with more great families this past week. The weather cooperated beautifully for the family in blue. The girl in the picture at right is a budding ballerina. Love this shot.


Got a chance to work with a family for portraits. This is a shot of grandpa and grandson as military personnel. We love to do lots of different combos during a shoot like this.


I am so blessed to do this work. I have had a lot of old clients come in years later with their senior son or daughter and it has been so fun to see pictures of those kids that I did when they were little. I have once again not been blogging due to busy times at the studio but here are a few images of folks I have worked with. Very interesting kids coming thru here. Mature, polite, bright and vibrant. Hope for all of our futures!


Did an amazing wedding today. There were 34 people in the bridal party! It was chaos but fun. I do not rattle easily and that was a plus. We got a lot of great shots amid the fun.This group shot is just of the guys alone!


A truly busy week. Lots of old clients coming back for more. It is so fun to have clients turn into extended family. I love to watch families change and grow.

Here are some thoughts about wedding photography.

What brides should look for in a Twin Cities Wedding Photographer:

For some reason all logic seems to disappear when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer in St. Paul or Minneapolis. Couples end up investing upwards to $30,000 in their Twin Cities Wedding event and then hire a friend, a neighbor, someone just starting out, or a puppy mill wedding photographer.

Basically this is like buying a $30,000 car and then handing the keys to a child and saying “take this baby for a spin." I do not want to sound so pessimistic about St. Paul and Mpls. wedding photographers. Let's face one fact. It is where camera owners and lovers seem to gravitate to try out their skills as a wedding photographer. I get pulled aside all the time at weddings I photograph by disgruntled past brides that I do not even know. They saw my work and saw me in action, and they tell me their tale of woe now that their wedding is done and they are stuck with horrible pictures and a bad experience to boot.

Once they see the skill set I have acquired personally doing 2,000 weddings in my decades long career, they realize just how huge a mistake they made hiring that friend or working with that place that has 25 photographers with only 4 years experience.

We all value what we have learned since we were 10 years old. Why not value what a full time professional Twin Cities wedding photographer can provide a bride and groom and their families on the most important day of their lives?


One of the most satisfying parts of my job is to see old clients come back for more. Worked with a great mom and her two kids for grad portraits. They are such great folks. We love to hug and laugh and have fun!

Had another senior in here this week that is second generation. We did mom and dads wedding twenty years ago! Great folks!

Many couples planning to get married are overwhelmed with how to find the right photographer.
There are a lot of photographer websites out there!
Here is a Q and A to help couples out:

Wedding Q and A:

Q. How experienced are you?

A. I have done 2,000 weddings so I know locations, how to handle literally anything and make it better, and how to get twice as many images in half the time.

Q. Do you have any degrees?

A. I am a certified professional photographer and also a Master Photographer. It takes about 20+ years to get this degree and less than 1% of all photographers achieve it.

Q. Have you won many awards?

A. Yes.
Minnesota Wedding album of the year
Minnesota photographer of the year
St Paul photographer of the year
Kodak Gallery awards
Disneyworld Epcot Center award

Q. How will I know I am going to love my pictures?

A. We are the only place in town that brings a monitor to your wedding so you can see the images live as they are taken at your wedding. I want you to know what I am doing and will cheerfully change direction if things are not to your liking. I will also discreetly ask you throughout the day if you are happy. It's your day and your way! I have a third powerful way that totally insures your happiness. It is something we invented and I am happy to share it with you during our visit.

Q. What do you do that others do not do.

A. I shoot 6 styles of photography instead of just one.
I do the appropriate style for the situation.

I will do portraits that elders will be thrilled with
I do quality groupings that really show faces
I do photojournalism to capture emotions
I do architectural to create dramatic images
I do fine art to be creative
I do commercial so you have great close ups of rings, table settings and accessories.

I have examples for you of these styles and their benefits.

Q. What other qualifications do you have?

A. I have had the feedback of 2,000 couples. I have heard before, during and after what is important to couples -- and that has totally shaped my approach to weddings. I anticipate your needs and put out fires before they are even lit. Your opinion is everything to me. Having 2,000 teachers has made me a much better photographer.

Q. How can I afford you?

A. We offer two reports on how to handle your wedding expenses. One covers all vendors and how to reduce their costs and still get the same elegance. I have a report on how to make my bill drop like a rock.
I make sure you get a disk of all still images completely copyright released so you do not have to pay me another nickel after the wedding. We have lowered our prices drastically to meet the new budgets out there. We matched the prices charged by rookies with 2 years of experience.

Q. Photographers seem expensive.

A. If you truly get the images you desire and are on cloud nine forever, that feeling may change. If you hire a friend or newbie and are disappointed, you have wasted all your money. Photography is the single most cost effective investment of a lifetime. If you invest 1000 dollars on a photographer you are only paying 6 cents a day for the next 50 years.

Q. I am so tempted to hire my friend.

A. Wedding photography can be a very high art form that takes years and years to perfect. Most wannabes have not taken the time to learn all these skill sets. Imagine the loss of memories if your friend does not live up to your expectations. Now you have a broken relationship with your friend. Friends get constantly interrupted by people they know at the wedding, and they may miss many shots throughout the day because of it.

Q. If I come in to chat with you, is there a cost or obligation? I hate sales pitches.

A. We offer a no cost, no obligation and no sales pitch meeting. With the cost of gas we offer you $20 gas money just to come and visit. I will listen to your needs, give you all kinds of answers and feedback, and help jump start your planning on what you decide.
You do not have to ever book me. No obligation!
Your time is precious and gas is costly. I promise to make this a very worthwhile visit no matter what you decide.

Q. What do I do next?

A. Give us a call and we will set up a time. We love a posse, so bring anyone along that you want. Also feel free to come solo. Either way, we will have a good time and a productive one at that. My number is 651-644-2184 and my email is
I truly feel you will jump start your planning with our visit. Since I am boots on the ground at a wedding, I know all kinds of answers about your potential plans.

Q. I have a lot of odd questions for you.

A. There is no such thing as an odd question or request. There is a lot to know and my goal is to always give you answers and help make your day a great one!



June was a busy month and my blog got behind.
Here are a few samples of the great folks I got to work with in June:



I have taken a break from blogging. I am back.

I can not help but notice how folks want to believe that pigs can fly.

They are hiring their friends and family to document some of the most important things in their lives. These folks may be free or cheap but the loss they experience when they realize they have a pile of snap shots is devastating. If you hire a auto mechanic or plumber you know it is going to cost. Ironically the car will end up in a junk yard and the plumbing is probably not the most important investment you will ever make.

Reasons why you should invest in fine portraits.

Life is full of change. Life is full of loss. These images will provide comfort and joy beyond description. Own something uniquely created by a Master and feel the pride that it brings!

You are millionaires! If you make $10 an hour as a couple that means you will make over a million dollars in your career. If you do not invest in this what would you invest in that will mean more to you later. What will be your most prized possession?

This cost is no more than buying
A can of pop a day for a year or
Taco Bell once a week for a year or
A tank of gas once a month for a year
If you live in America, you can afford this!

Everything we buy will rust out, wear out or get thrown away. These will last forever!

If you want to absolutely thrill those that you love more than ever before these make a great gift!

These will save your budget. Instead of spending $10 or more for any gift for someone these will cost pennies and make those you love so happy!

Most possessions end up in a garage sale. Portraits are forever.

For only 3 cents a day own something that will make you and those you love happy forever! ©Steve Rouch Photo



Put up a new wedding packages and pricing list on the website. Feel free to contact us and talk with us your wedding photo budget. We don't want price to stand in the way ...
we would love to try to find a way to meet your needs while exceeding your expectations.



Met a very interesting executive for a head shot session. We had a nice conversation and came up with images that will help with a web site. I am doing a lot of these sessions lately. I think folks are realizing that their on line presence is just as important as their personal image walking down the street. The right image will bring more business and more success.


Had a busy week starting with a great couple at Summit Manor. David does such a great job at his amazing mansion. We had a great time and got super images.

Then I got to work with kids and an executive this week. All in all a wonderful week.


Got to work with a fascinating executive that is truly a man of adventure. We had a great chat. Then I got to work with Rob Eder of DSN at the RCEC all day conference. I learned a lot about retail installations that provide nurses in pharmacies. It was fascinating!






Worked with two fabulous families today. Its so fun to go from meeting total strangers to finding fast friends. We got tons of great images and everyone was really happy!



Had the pleasure of working with a family that has come to me time and again. I did mom's senior portraits back in the day. Now I get to do her daughters senior portrait.
These folks are very special to me. We had a wonderful time.



I had a delightful Saturday.

First I had a lovely lady come in for portraits. We had a great chat and I got to meet her daughter. I have met her before but this was the first chance to really get to know her.
We had fun!

I have noticed a lot of executives are coming in for portraits. They realize their image on line is as important as their image walking down the street. I specialize in finding the right look for each executive or for those that want great images for social media.

Then a truly fantastic couple came in for engagement portraits. We hit it off and had a great adventure wandering Mpls doing some fun shots. Very enjoyable!

I have had great fun with families, cute kids and executives. I meet the most fascinating executives. Great stories and interesting backgrounds. Had a ball with a cute pixie and her family. I am so grateful for the joy of this profession. A lot of clients have had their time with other photographers and now are hungry for classic, well designed images that are compelling.

Also had the pleasure of meeting and working with a fine young man for his senior portraits. He loves to shoot, is a swimmer and a martial artist just like me. We had a ball working together.


Worked with a very impressive senior named Kathleen. She is an A+ student and great in sports headed to the U! We had a wonderful time. Nice to see the weather cooperate as well.

I got to do two more senior portraits today. I was so impressed with how these great young people were. They were intelligent, kind and very fun to work with. My compliments to their families. It was a blessed day. We all had a blast!


I got a chance to photograph the President of Town and Country. What an interesting man!

Met with Sarah about her 6/6/15 wedding. What a delight! She is so nice! She is a friend of my dear karate instructor Robert Fusaro so we had a great time chatting.

We are contacting old clients and selling them their negatives for $75. It has been old home week around here. So much fun to see the old clients and hear of their stories. Lots of hugs, laughter and tears. So rewarding! If you know any past client please let them know.

I love poetry and am a poet myself. This is one of my favorite poems.


Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

Max Ehrmann, "Desiderata"

It has been old home week for a while around here. We decided to do Spring cleaning and contacted past clients to get them their negatives. We have had so much fun seeing long lost client friends again! Many go back to the 70's. We cherish the memories of working with these great people. It is so fun to hear about how their lives have taken them in awesome directions and its so fun to see them clutch their file of negatives to their heart like treasure. I am so grateful to be able to have touched the lives of so many people. After all is said and done nothing is more important to those with strong family love than their portrait memories.

I have been working with remarkable families and these last two reviews really touched my heart. What great families to have met and worked with. Witnessing their love is like witnessing a miracle from God.

Here is what dear recent clients wrote.....
N Xiong (in the last week)
Steve is a spectacular photographer and big-hearted professional. He is so good at what he does and how he does it. You can tell how passionate he is about his work once you work with him. From the get-go Steve was personable, flexible, and willing to accommodate my request for 22 people for an all-day photo shoot. His wife, Marsha, was very warm and provided great suggestions for clothing ideas. We had a total of four different families and two grandmothers--lots of people and lots of personalities! Steve handled us all with poise and utter perfection. He understood how important family photos were for large extended families like mine who had never had family portraits done. He personally gave me a lot of advice and even met my budget. When the families arrived, Steve welcomed each family warmly to his studio and offered us to take over the place. The place was large enough for several clothing changes for 20+ people and there was even room to relax. It was fantastic! The photo session was 6 to 7 hours long and Steve was focused and alert the whole time. He provided suggestions for poses and drew out laughter from the children. I could not ask for a better photographer for my family portraits. No matter how many shots, clothing changes, poses, etc., Steve was always checking in to make sure we were happy and was never frustrated with requests for retakes. We got to see photos immediately after a shot was taken to assure we were completely happy, and that type of service cannot be found in many places. We left the studio exhausted but so overwhelmed from a great experience. Everyone from the different families loved Steve and knew him by name by the end of the day (even the little ones). He was so open, kind, and really gave us all beautiful pictures. He was phenomenal and I cannot express how thankful I am to him. I definitely look forward to working with Steve again.

Dineth Altmann (in the last week)
Steve let us know that when we do our engagement photos, we should think about what defines us as a couple. After we thought about it. . .we knew the answer. The kids and the cat. We spent Saturday afternoon with Steve; the 4 of us and the cat, SugarRay. He let SugarRay roam the office and check everything out. He made everyone feel at ease which brought out the best smiles in everyone. The photo's were amazing. This was a first for us to do photos as a family. I didn't know we all looked that good.
Kristine Koury and Robert Altmann

I am looking forward to the wedding of this great couple and their kids. We had a ball. Did over 200 images. It was such a pleasure!

Meeting great clients and having a lot of fun with them. I truly feel called to do this work. It is so fun to thrill clients and know how much they will cherish their memories forever.


Shot at an event at Wabasha Caves. This is simply the most interesting place I have ever seen with real gangster stories. Very cool. They have great tours about boot leg days too. I recommend them! Ask for Donna!

Had a chance to work with a family that had a grandmom come from New Zealand.
It was a joyous session and we all had a ball. Did lots of combos and took 200 images.

Met with a great couple about their wedding in 2015. I am so excited for them!

Worked with cute babies today. This is one of many great shots. The parents were shocked at what we captured for them. They loved the session!

Meeting with couples and booking weddings. It is going to be an exciting year!

Got to work with a cute baby girl today. She is 2 months but far more mature. So cute! Had fun!


Worked with two families for portraits today. Both families have kids so its an energetic journey!
One family has a famous dad so I am not putting their images up at their request.


Met a great gal this week and she booked her 10/18 wedding with me. Really connected with her!

Had a fun wedding with a super nice couple. Got to know them over time and their engagement photo's. They had a gorgeous wedding and it was a pleasure to work with them!


Had a chance to work with a couple celebrating their 60th anniversary with their family! Very fun group and wonderful to work with.


Also got a chance to work with a senior for his grad pictures. Another nice family involved with that shoot. Feeling blessed to be a photographer all my life. A very interesting journey!


Did an interesting wedding last weekend. Two attorneys got married at James J Hill library. Perfect setting for them! Very nice folks!


Got a chance to work with a nice family today that is related to a family I have worked with before. Very nice folks! Had a fun time and got great images. They had a ball!


Got to work with a couple from a past wedding. Now they have kids and it was such a joy to meet them and see my dear friends one more time. We had a blast! Did all kinds of cool shots.

I usually do not post the kind words clients write about me but this couples review brought me to tears. I am so grateful! I love making folks happy with what I do!

Steve did our engagement and wedding photos ten years ago and we absolutely loved them! Fast forward ten years and 2 kids which he just did another amazing job of capturing tonight. We cannot say enough fantastic things about his artistry, his personal demeanor and the amazing experience. The best testimony I can give is that when he showed us a slide show of all our photos tonight, I had tears running down my face. He just did a beautiful job! We will be going back again and I guarantee we won't wait 10 years!


Busy week. Booked 3 weddings with great clients. Photographed a Senator, a Rock Star a senior and a family. Lots of fun!


Worked with two families today. One was celebrating their parents 35th and the other group was celebrating Grandma's 90th birthday. Very lovely folks. They were both very happy with everything. It was a joy to serve them.

Met with 2 couples this week that booked 2014 weddings with me. Had a great connection with them. I am excited!


Met with a delightful couple today that booked me for a Summer wedding at the arboretum. We had a great time talking about Wyoming and a lot of things. I can not wait to work with them!

Then a family came in and we did up a super family shoot with some very cool ideas they loved. Giovanni the little 3 year old stole the show. He was so cute and this family was so nice!


Worked with a nice family today. Oskar could have won an Oscar. He was super into it. Dad is a photographer and could not get anything from his little guy. They were very pleased with all the images I was able to get.


Why we are totally unique

Wedding photography can be the most low level experience or high level art there is. Since we know our own limitations as every day folks with a camera of some kind or cell phone we do not come to expect much more can be done by a true photographic professional.

I got involved with photography when film was around. That meant that I had to study extensively many things about photography before I dared do a wedding. Imagine taking pictures into a black box with no window to see how they turned out! I had to learn lighting in all conditions, posing to make folks look their best, how to invoke the spirit of the person I was working with, just to name a few skill sets to master.

When you view wedding photography on line you are mostly seeing great images taken outdoors on a perfect day. Trouble is that most days in Minnesota are not perfect. Most wedding days do not go perfectly. It takes a lot of experience to be able to shift gears and know how to light in every condition indoors or out and also
to handle the crazy things that come up unexpectedly at weddings. Most folks in the wedding photography business have a few years under their belts experience-wise. I think back to the days when I was just getting started. I have learned so much along the way and still do.

I have chosen to learn how to tell the best possible story in each moment of the wedding. I use photojournalism, portraiture, groupings, fine art, commercial and architectural styles to best describe what I see in front of me. I think just one style will not do it.

I love to provide the planning session before every wedding to find out what the client wants and to ward off possible miscues that could really affect the wedding day. I use a monitor on the day to show the actual images in a 16x20 size so everyone can see the shot and see how they look. We also like to provide ideas vendor by vendor that will help clients save big money on their wedding day investment all the while getting a great wedding day that had hoped for.

I am proud of where I am now as a photographer. They say there is no substitute for experience. I could not agree more. Think of your first day on your job and where you are now. I would guess a night and day difference. I am a strong believer in common sense, using my intuition to anticipate things at weddings and being kind but organized and proactive in my approach to keeping the wedding day on track.

These days with news on 24/7 pumping us full of fear-based messages on the 1 billionth of one percent of what went wrong in the world, it becomes hard to trust those we do not immediately know in our circle of friends and family. Clients in many cases are now hiring friends instead of experts for critical things like the heirloom photography. I know the urge to save a buck and to be with someone you know well is tempting. I also know when it comes to hiring an attorney or a doctor we would always defer to the expert. Since photography lasts forever, be it good or bad, I really hope that reason prevails and the best possible photographer is hired for your most important event.

I love questions and hope that they are asked. There are a lot of them to be asked in the world of photography. One final idea. The franchise approach that has 20-30 photographers under one roof is a dangerous idea. It is a puppy mill of rookies. Steer clear!


The holidays really slowed down the studio but we are back in action again. Worked with an interesting family earlier in the week and got great shots. Met with an attorney who is fast becoming a friend and we shot some images for her web site. A family came in with 3 cute little girls and had a fun session. Then worked with a nice young man for his senior portrait. Just got a model release from the family and here is one shot from the session.


Had two great families in today.

The first I did a senior portrait for a couple years back and they brought in the whole family. They were so sweet to me. I just love them. My paycheck is the look in their eyes when they say to me with deep sincerity THANKS. That means the world to me.

Then I got to work with a family that I did a wedding for 21 years ago. It was so playful and fun. We got really wacky and started laughing like crazy. It was so fun!



Had two great families come in today. The first family was a senior I did in 1993. We did her wedding in 2005. It was such a thrill to see them again now with babies in tow. What a reunion!

The second family was all smiles. Very pleasant instant friends. We had a ball. They loved what we did.


Thinking back over this year in weddings I am proud of what we have done. We decided not to be a box of chocolates and have 20+ rookie photographers. I wanted to personally work with clients. We loved checking in with clients throughout the day to make sure they were getting what they wanted. Then we use a monitor so they can see what we have done. Then they can change our direction if need be. We ask that one of their friends be our boss so they could have someone watching their back. Client satisfaction is so important to me personally. This is an art where 1,000 things can "go wrong" and I have dedicated my life to doing the best I can to make sure they all go right.




Worked with a family today. They were really nice. Mom had a great eye for color so they really looked great in their shots. This one is of a one year old going on 3. He was so with it and really made the session memorable.


Took time off over Thanksgiving to catch my breath and see family. Worked on a documentary about a very interesting character I met some time ago. He is 82 and still kicking. He is hilarious!

Worked with two great families. We got into playing with the kids and really had them loose and smiling. One shot is one of the kids from a family and the other is their whole family.


Worked with a gorgeous and talented senior for her portrait. She is a natural model.
Her mom loved what I did too. It was great.

Then got to work with an extended family. Two little ones. We did all kinds of combo's
and really worked to get the kids to relax and have fun.


Very busy time. Worked with a couple that recently got married and did some nice portraits for them. Very enjoyable.

Then met the most interesting attorney. She wanted head shots for her website.
We are also going to do some glamour for her. We really hit it off. Talked and talked and the time flew. She was an RN and many other talents. Really a fascinating person.

Then met a beloved couple and her parents. Did the bride's senior portraits, engagement portraits and now her wedding. These folks are like part of the family. Had fun working with them on their album needs and video.

Had a fun time with siblings that want to surprise mom and their 99 year old grandma for the Holidays. We had fun and did a lot of playful things. They loved the work!

Had the pleasure of working with a extended family for a portrait session. It takes real teamwork to charm little ones into smiling. We do every combo of relationship and individual portrait to really make the session a rewarding one for the clients.

Here is a shot of one of the little ones with worked with today.

Had a great day with pets. I got to meet Brodie and Rosie. I am very much in love with pets and really had fun with these two characters and their moms. I really believe in pet
photography. Time flies and pets leave us all too soon.


Met with a client whose wedding I did in 1998. So great to see them again!
Had a great time doing couple portraits. They were so supportive and nice to me!

Then I did a family portrait for a couple I worked with in 1987. Amazing to see their family now with teenage triplets. Due to not wanting images on line I can not show you these. Suffice it to say we got killer shots because they wanted pure art done in black and white and we blew them away with our ideas.

Then met with a client I did a wedding for a month ago. They are like family to me.
So kind and gracious to me. Mom's came with so we had a super time going over their
album and video.

A great day. 11-12-13!


Had the pleasure of doing a senior portrait today of the son of one of my brides back in the day. We did her and her siblings senior portraits and then her wedding. We also did her sons portrait as a little one. He is so sweet. We had a lot of laughs. It was so good to reunite.


Spent the first part of the week doing bill paying and administration.
I am working on a project for Mann Theaters to photograph their gorgeous vintage signs. Its a big project but fun. Images to follow.

Got a chance to work with a really fun family that is in "sweet spot" of life with kids in the single digit ages. They were so fun! We had a blast!




Had the most joyous time with a mom and her two sons. There were warm and wonderful. We laughed a lot. It is so fun to work with folks that absolutely love art.

Then met with a couple that is getting married in May. Mom came too. Had a great time.


Got to work with an exciting couple for their engagement! Gorgeous weather helped a lot. We had great fun.

Then an extended family came in. Did all kinds of combo's of them. They loved what I did for them. On the way out the door grandma looked me in the eye with a tear and thanked me deeply. THAT is my true paycheck!



Worked with an artist painter today to copy his art work for a book cover.

Then got to work with an extended family for portraits. It was really a blast to play with the kids. Grandma and grandpa were very happy with the shoot. They are on their way to their 40th anniversary!


I love the great clients I meet! Everyone has an important story to be told. I love learning about them and helping far exceed their needs. It is so fun and meaningful to do art of the ages. Had fun with a senior and her mom.



Then the cutest 3 kids came in with parents. It was crazy, wild and a blast. The parents were amazed at how good the images came out.


Worked with a loving couple and a senior and his family. Very nice folks!
Had a great day!


Worked with a fun couple at their wedding. It turns out we are all into martial arts so that added spice to the mix. They used the them song for "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" which was so cool. A great piece of music and a very enjoyable couple!


Worked with 3 clients today and 3 yesterday. I did an engagement portrait of a couple that got engagement at the Highland Grill so we went there. Fun!

Then a big family with super cute kids came and we had a ball! I am the biggest 3 year old around.

Then wedding clients from 1989 brought in their sons and we did the coolest shots.
It was so good to see them again! I am blessed with so many clients of the past that
come back time and again.



Got to do 2 grad portraits today. Both nice kids and families. Probably my favorite assignment is seniors. Young folks heading off onto a journey. Love to hear what they are up to and what their goals and dreams are. Nice soft light today. Great shoots!


Had two great families in today. They loved the variety and expertise. Of course trying to intrigue and engage teens is hard but we got them into it. With little ones we dance and play till we are sweaty and amazed the parents with what we could get with a 9 and two year old. Team effort all the way. Very much appreciated each family and had a lot of fun!

Did two weddings last weekend. One on top of the IDS. Wow what a view. Lots of Italians. We had fun playing and goofing around. It was fun!

Did the wedding of a DJ at Midwest (I recommend them big time) last year. This is the couple that did the Xcel last Winter. They had the most fun and playful group. Lots of creative decor ideas. It was so fun. They were very nice to me. Big hugs at the end.
They are the ulitmate warm fuzzies!

Took a couple days off for personal work photographing fall leaves.

Worked with fraternal twins for their grad photos. Very enjoyable. They brought a friend and those guys really clowned and I loved it! Really captured the feel of it all.


Then worked with a family with two veryintelligent kids. We had an amazing shoot.
Most folks do not anticipate what I am going to do for them. It was fun to get their reaction.



Remember the couple that has 300 acres over looking the St Croix?. Met with them after their wedding and got fabulous shots. They are planning on turning their place into a location wedding site in Wisc. Had a great session with them planning their album with their moms.


Had a great day working with a family from Woodbury with a 3 and 6 year old son.
The boys were fun to play with and coax into an astonishing 300 image shoot. The parents were thrilled. The weather was so wonderful. We had a blast!

Met with a beloved wedding client. Had a great chat and really connected on a deep personal level. She and her husband are back here in two weeks for figure out their album. I am so excited. I did a video of their day and I just know they are going to love it!


Had 3 sets of clients in today. The first with their 6 month old adorable child. We got some fabulous images and parents were pleased. We have tons of cool props for kids.
This is a giant sea shell.

Had a super fun family come in. They are into the Bears and Packers passion so we literally did a shot of them tail gating. We did so many ideas. Drums, karate uniforms,
Electric Fetus T shirts. Really a total blast. I loved these guys.

Met with a client from a recent wedding about album design. It was great to see them again and hear their laughter during the slide show we made for them. The video we did of them blew them away!

Worked with a delightful couple today for their engagement session. We dodged the rain drops and caught the colors perfectly. We did so many cool shots outdoors and indoors!

They brought the perfect clothing and everything went so well. I am really looking forward to their wedding!

Worked with a hilarious family. We had fun! Still working out the details with them on their needs.



Then a couple from a wedding I did in May of 1983 came in with their 3 sons. I have done two of them before for their senior portraits and now it was Ryan's turn. They brought in their engagement and wedding photos. It was such a thrill to see them again and to see images captured 30 years ago. These folks are so kind. We had a blast!

Worked with family portraiture today and loved the weather! Super sweet family
with two great young sons. Had fun and did a lot of different shots and ideas.

Met with another family about their portrait needs and then a client from 9/7 wedding. Super special couple. They loved their images and video. It was so fun to see them again.

We dodged raindrops all day and lucked into some outdoor shots between storms.
Very easy going couple made this day a true pleasure. I did the brides senior portrait in 2007. Lovely families too!

Here are two versions of the bridal party. I think both have their place.

Had a ball with a great couple that loves the outdoors. We had a great time discussing
hunting and fishing and the joys of nature. Their venue is going to be great for their tastes. The Vadnais Heights Commons has huge windows and will be perfect to let nature into their wedding.

Then I met with a very gentle, fun and intelligent young man who is an old soul.
His mom and grandparents came in and we laughed and played and got pictures of everyone on top of his senior portraits. He is a great singer and he sang the gorgeous Shenandoah for me.

The wonderful senior I worked with today has a grandpa that is a jeweler. He does amazing work and can provide rings and such for a huge discount. I know a lot of brides read this blog and would find this helpful. Contact Don Young at 763-421-8109
or 763-355-0776. He is so friendly and will love to help you.





Hard to believe Christmas is 90 days away. Had the most delightful time with a 20 month old and his parents. It took decades to figure out how to work with little ones with great success. He posed for 259 varied, creative pictures and had a great smile thru the session. I really enjoyed these folks!

Met the most delightful young child today. I got so many good shots that the grandparents went from rightfully wondering if we would get anything to astonishment at a ton of great shots of her. Needless to say they were delighted. It took so long to learn exactly how to make a child light up and not be grumpy or afraid.



Then a family came and we ended up laughing all the way thru the session. It was so fun! The weather was great. Oh what a pleasure to hang with them!


I met my friend the groom thru divine intervention. Its a long story but today was a celebration for both of us. The groom has become my friend. We had the perfect day
and he and his bride were on cloud 9. They say coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous. I believe that with all my heart. It was such an honor to be their photographer.

I could not be happier for them. What a great couple!


Worked with two families today. One a senior. When he walked in I thought I was going to do a model shoot he was so good looking. The family came along and we did a funky shot of them in front of these doors. Dad really liked the doors. Great folks!



A Mom brought in her three kids. The hardest session is kids in a group but our staff helps with lots of antics and the results are amazing.

Had 2 delightful clients in today.

The couple is engaged. Their wedding is next year this time. We had fun together and lucked into some great outdoor weather.

The next couple came in with their 14 year old Lab. I have just gone thru the loss of my Smokey and Shadow so I resonate with their desire for pictures with their dog Sonny.
Sonny was so mellow and the couple was so loving and supportive to me. Very nice session.


Worked with a gal that was in a wedding I did back in '94. It was good to see everyone again. Very nice people.

Met with a client from a shoot last week with her mom. Got shots of her baby daughter that are so cute! We are working out the details of this shoot.

Did a senior from CDH. He is a top notch golfer and has shot a 71! We had a great time discussing golf and other topics. Very talented and charismatic young man!

Met with clients from a wedding two weeks ago. Father of the bride has been so kind to me. He owns a business so he knows the drill and was so supportive. We are putting together the album and figured a lot of with this fun meeting.

Had a fun family come in and do a whole bunch of different ideas. Lots of cool sports shots of the kids. Very enjoyable.



A new band called Half Shattered came in. What an party! Got extremely fun shots of them. Spouses came to help. We got pictures of everyone. Santa showed up! Got pictures of him too. What a night! Took 500 images! I left the studio at 11:30pm. Their first gig is at the Dugout on Sept 28.


I had a wedding move their date so I got a chance to work with an extended family
celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary this Saturday. Mom is a sports photographer so we got to talk about exact needs and shot the perfect session. Really had a great time with everyone.

Got to work with two super fun families. I love working with extended families.
There are so many combinations that can be done and it means so much to everyone to have quality images of those they love.

Met with a couple I did a wedding for last month. Had a nice time going over things and helping with the final details.

Busy day. Met with couple for their album design. Did a headshot of a grad of Mitchell Law. Nice guy. Very happy with his result. Then met a cute little gal named Stella that is 2. We got great shots. Will post all of these soon. Then met Tea and Rod about their wedding and had a great time with them!


It is my karate instructor's 80th BD! He looks like he is 60. He is the kindest and most wonderful person I have ever known. Happy Birthday Sensei!




Another super hot day and an all outdoor shoot. Super nice couple that I have enjoyed from the start. We got this shot at the end of the day. MS Dunes is one of my favorites.
You feel like you are on vacation there. It was such a fun time working with such loving and hilarious people!


Today would have been my grandmother's 111th birthday. She taught me a lot and I miss her and grandpa so much.

Worked with past clients. It was so fun to see them again. They had a new baby.

She is a doll. We did a lot with her sister and the family. We are sure sweaty after a session like this. Lots of energy to get smiles. It all came out well. Love the dad.
We talked martial arts and helmet collections between clothing changes. Really sweet family!

My next clients came in at the perfect time. Both kids grown and gone. Good time to capture the family. We went outside and got really great shots. They were so nice to work with!

Met with a couple who were referred by parents for their wedding photos. I did their parents' wedding back in the day.
Had an enjoyable chat.

Met with the Larsons about their wedding design. Great couple! They were thrilled to see the video we did of their day as well.

Worked with a playful couple. They had never had a portrait taken ... ever. I think they were surprised at how much fun it was and how it turned out.


Got time with a little guy who is turning two. He lasted 2 1/2 hours and we did a million things. He is so cute and really got into the session.


Worked with a client that has been with me for years. It has been fun to watch their kids grow up. Now kids are grown and gone and grandkids are here. It is mom and dads 50th! So we photographed each family on a separate day and are going to create a montage. I am excited about this project. Loved talking history and the importance of heritage with mom and dad. I really appreciate them and our friendship over these years.

Met with my fun couple and his parents from 8/3 wedding to go over their package and come up with a strategy for their album. He is into collecting guns and I love history so we always have a lot to talk about.


Did a wedding at a 300 acre place in Wisconsin that overlooks two rivers. It was stunning. They are turning it into a place called Happy Ever After in Sommerset.
It was sooooo hot. We got great stuff but I have not been that toasted in a long time!
Nice playful couple.

Had a chance to work with a great senior whose family was a delight. Very playful. Mom suggested a piggy back ride portrait as one of 200 shots.



Then a wonderful family came in for a family reunion shot. We had elders all the way to an 8 month old baby. We did every combo you could imagine for one low price. They were pleased.



Did you see the 100 year old lady in last week's paper? She has survived her husband but her 92 year old boyfriend picks her up on a Harley for their dates! That is why I love my job as a photographer. I am creating the most beloved possessions for everyone now and when they are old and want to show their lives to their kids and grandkids.

Got to work with two great senior grads today. I beg parents to come and if possible to do family portraits. I want the parents to see the images on a monitor as I shoot so they are perfect for them.

Worked with a very nice and easy going couple at Raspberry Island at the Boat Club.
I love this place. Very great views of St Paul. Works in any weather. Quaint and cool.
Things went really well.


I am celebrating Robert DeNiro's 70th Birthday. Cinema got me into photography and he is one of the greatest ever. 8/17/43. It breaks down to 8/8/8. This man was destined to be great.



I am also celebrating the Pinch Hitters. Champion ball players. My son is on the team.
I have never seen such poetry on a baseball field. Amazing athletics from every player.
Its been a great Summer watching them blow out team after team. They are a walking highlight real. In the park homerun's, triple plays, catching line drives infield and diving catches all effortless! Totally fun. Thanks guys for a great season!

Met with a bride and her two kids about her wedding. We all had fun. I have so many cool things for kids here. They had a ball.

Met with clients and parents to show the images and video of their wedding. We believe in these meetings to help clients proactively plan their album and answer questions. We got a lot done and I know their album is going to be great. I think they were a little surprised and delighted by their video. Most of the time we keep a low profile so as to get great journalistic footage.

Got a chance to work with a lady that has been here twice before. She is launching her law practice and needed a head shot. I was also able to photograph her and her guy for fun. Great to see her again!

Then a lovely mom and her daughters came in. It was really fun to work with them. Mom was very creative so she loved my ideas. With one daughter moving and the other off to college this was the perfect time to do this.




Did a wedding at the Historic Courthouse of Stillwater. It was a great day. Very nice couple. We had limited time but ended up with a ton of great shots.

Worked with two wonderful families today. Both had little ones. It literally took me decades to figure out how to photograph little ones no matter how tired, bored and crabby they are. In both cases the parents were more than impressed, maybe even shocked at how I got them to lite up and smile. Working with more than one child and or a dog or pet makes it more impossible.

I am grateful to have been in this business this long. It took me forever to over come every obstacle to owning a great portrait.
There are many!

It was a great day!

Had a playful family come in for their son's senior portrait. We had a ball. Here is one photo in the football jersey in the smoke. We did family portraits too! A very sincere thanks to the Palmquist's for this referral!



Had another great family come in for their portrait. I have been working with this family for years. In honor of the 50th anniversary of mom and dad each family is coming in for their session. A big thanks to Gail for this fun project!

Worked with a really interesting senior and his mom. He played guitar so we got this cool shot.



Then the nicest family came in. Got to do all kinds of combos and special requests.
Great fun!

I bonded early on with Michael and Ashley. Our friendship by the time of the wedding made today pure joy!


Worked with a wonderful senior and her mom. We had fun and got it just right with the use of the monitor. I love keeping clients in control!



Then a playful family came in. We did headshots, individual families and then the whole crew. They were such a delight to work with! It was great fun to work with great family love!

Had the honor of working with a nice lady and her husband on some glamour shots.
We really created some interesting things. They drove 3 hours round trip to work with me. That meant a lot to me.

Worked with a beautiful bride to be for her bridal portrait. This is a tradition from the South. I studied with Big Daddy Don Blair on how to do gorgeous bridals. In the South they would have a portrait like this huge over the sofa.



Worked with an extended family and had a ball. I have helpers for little ones so they smile up a storm. We do every combo of every relation. I loved these folks and they loved me. My ultimate paycheck is making clients very happy!



Worked with a wonderful couple for an engagement session. It rained but we found a perfect time to get outside. We did about 5 clothing changes and did a wide variety for them of styles. I can not wait for their wedding. I really love these two.



Worked with Ann Ramage a psychologist who is fantastic. She is in Highland Park.
I got to see her work with people and it was obvious how great she is. She was referred to me by another fabulous psychologist Peter Zelles that I got a chance to work with a while ago. Thanks Peter and Ann!




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