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Boudoir Photography

Want to give that special someone the gift that only you can give? Come in for a private boudoir session.

Steve's professional and artistic eye will capture you in a way you will be proud of, very tastefully done, and all based on your comfort level.

Sessions can be nude or in your favorite lingerie.

We offer Color, B&W, Sepia and custom color accent as well as other digital enhancements. Custom retouching also available.

Call for details & pricing and to schedule your appointment.

Read how Steve offers "the ultimate portrait experience.

See the BOUDOIR GALLERY for more samples. Be advised, this section is intended for Adults Only. By clicking on the gallery link, you agree that you are 18 or over.

Here's a couple of testimonials from very satisfied clients:

I just want to say thank you to the both of you, for making me feel comfortable enough to have the photo session yesterday. I kept asking myself why I wasn't more nervous, but now I know that it was because of theboth of you! I am a very modest person, so I am very proud that I did something like that! I looked d*** good too! I can't wait to see [my husband's] reaction! ~Shelly

"Good afternoon Steve ... My husband loved the pictures and I had them matted and framed. ... I am proud of these works of art that you saw in your lens. You have a wonderful vision and thank you for portraying that. It was quite an enjoyable photo session and I tell everyone about it. Thanks again. ~ Trisha W.

Since in the span of about 2 weeks we have my husband's birthday, our anniversary, and Father's Day, I decided to combine the gift of my boudoir session for all. I put the best proofs in a black photo album and gave it to him. He can pick any he wants to be copied and framed.

He thought, before he opened the album, that it was a planner, a European purse for men or something (!), gave me a weird look, so I said, 'look inside.'

"Oh, pictures of you....WOAH, pictures of YOU!!" He was flabbergasted & grinned from ear to ear. His favorite is the one in which I was at an angle to the camera & you'd highlighted with a spotlight over my shoulder.

He asked who took them, when I had them done, etc, and then I gave him the disc. He immediately took the disc and looked at all of the pics. He was surprised & impressed that I had the nerve to take them for him and is very appreciative. I was shown just how appreciative and I imagine he will 'thank' me many times more in the future. This was the best investment I could ever make. A great gift for him and one for myself too! :)
~ Jennifer O.

"I can't thank you enough for the awesome pictures that you did for me. And the way that you worked with me through my illness this summer then gave an unbelievable turnaround time once the pictures were finally paid for. You guys are simply amazing. I have to admit that I have shamelessly shown them to a lot of people and everyone was simply in awe.

Today, my husband finally got his book and he was floored. He just kept looking at the pictures, once he got over the fact that another man had taken them, and finally he said that I looked like a Playboy centerfold. It was everything I hoped it would be and then some. You guys are awesome and I can't wait to come back and do another session. I will recommend you to every person that I speak with from now on."  ~ Tasha H.

We even have a client who has made herself available by e-mail to answer any questions about what a boudoir session was like: E-mail client now

Why trust a “once in a lifetime portrait” to a once in a while photographer?

"It was helpful that Steve talked to me about my thoughts and ideas on what I would like in a photograph. First Steve directed my movements but then later let me take control and give input on what I thought would work." ~Nicolette T.

"Steve made me feel really relaxed. I loved the fact I could bring a friend to make me more comfortable. Steve made me look and feel beautiful. My fiance is going to love these!  I would recommend Steve to anyone!" ~Angie R.



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