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Learn from the Master!

For Photographers only ... LEARN FROM THE MASTER!!!!!
Wedding photography is the most complex photographic assignment on Earth …if done properly!

Would you like to learn the secrets of a German Master photographer with 40 years experience?

1.Learn the 6 styles of photography you must know to truly stand above the crowd
2. Learn lighting secrets that will make your images totally 3-D
3. Learn the art of posing groups
4. Learn how to conduct yourself so you always please EVERYONE and never ever tick anyone off
5. Learn the art of Old Masters portraits that will make your work look classy and your clients look younger, thinner and tanner and LOVE you forever!
6. Learn flow posing and time management so that every wedding goes smoothly.
7. Learn a long list of mistakes to never make so that you will not have to suffer the consequences.
8. Learn all of this at an actual wedding in progress!
9. Learn how to shoot to make a living!

Gain years of experience and insight you will never find any where else! All this for only $500!
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